You get some lemon crème brûlée yum_puddi [Trinity cream is aka Crème brûlée]
Formerly Tora Tomi | Name: Teri or whatever you want
Asian | In late 20s | Taken | Short & Petite | Tomboy + looks like a child + voice like one

Likes: noodles, sleeping, eating, anime, manga/manhwa/webtoons, games (Steam/Switch), art, kdrama, jdrama, Jpop, Kpop, food, animals, instrumental covers, & more

Why Gaia? For art, to learn & gain motivation. I suck at drawing & I want that to change ~ Got tips or suggestions? Send help xd

What do I do? I image the body's internals. X-ray, CT scan, & fluoroscopy in a hospital

I'm quite shy & quiet at first unless I decide to be dumb and stay quiet, so just come say hi or whack me over the head or something redface

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Eleous Muskus

Report | 07/22/2022 5:30 am

Eleous Muskus


Report | 01/31/2022 2:43 pm


phlebotomy can def be satisfying! also i've been doing pretty good with time management so far, so we'll see :p been definitely making sure i have time for myself

what kind of games have you all been playing? trying to look for more stuff with my friends that are out-of-state lol

very true, but i've been tested and have been negative every time, so i'm crossing my fingers :p my hands are constantly dry tho u_u

and omg, a live action of it's a good day to be a dog??? i remember loving that one so much when i read it, that'll def be something i have to watch when/if it comes out. you also have very good taste in manhwas bc i'm also reading pretty much all of those XD never heard of The Golden Haired Elementalist or Stagtown tho, what are they about? i have the same issue with binging stuff too fast myself lolol. ngl i haven't touched unordinary in a long time tho xox

the silent sea was really good! gong yoo looking great as always lmao. haven't heard of the name yet tho, what's it about? and alice in borderland is good!! have you read the manga yet? and i kinda miss the old running man tho x_x part of the reason why i haven't watched it in years, so many of the cast members that i love have left ;-;

my family and i just recently binged All of Us Are Dead and it was good! of course squid game is a given if you haven't seen it yet. sweet home has been out for a while now, but if you haven't watched it yet you should! didn't like how they changed some stuff in it but it was still a good watch. 100 days my prince is good too! i get that tho, i wish i could multi-task when reading subs but i can't u_u

Report | 01/30/2022 10:42 am


omg idk how i keep on missing the notifs for your comments ahhh

as for why this semester is going to be crazy: taking on the maximum course load i can take without special permission, got a new job as a phlebotomist, doing some more volunteer work now that things are opening up, running two diff student orgs... and that's not even all of it lol. things have been getting interesting in my social life as well! it's all very new but kinda exciting nonetheless. been playing a lot of genshin impact when i can too, but i'm still so behind on it x_x

it seems you've been doing a lot too! congrats on the promotion, and gl finding a house! ik that must be a tough process rn. i told myself i'd try getting back into doing some traditional art but i haven't gotten the chance yet either xox sorry to hear you caught covid tho, but i'm glad the symptoms were mild and that you've gotten better! i've been so lucky to not have caught it so far even when some of my friends caught it lol. got my booster and have been wearing my mask so hopefully i continue being lucky :p

and honestly same, i've been reading so many different isekai romance manhwa lately :p there's so much stuff coming out and i haven't finished really anything as of late XD i'm so behind on eleceed, the beginning after the end... pretty much everything lmao. i have been getting back into watching some dramas with family/friends tho, so that's probably why o3o; any manhwa in particular lately that have stuck out to you?
Cherry Twizzlers

Report | 01/29/2022 2:29 am

Cherry Twizzlers

love ur profile

Report | 01/18/2022 11:13 pm


omg hey it's been a while! how have you been? i've started my spring semester and this is definitely gonna be my craziest one yet lol

Report | 04/30/2021 5:17 pm


you're good! i haven't been the best about replying either xox how's that going so far? the housing market is doing pretty good, at least where i live.

just finished up finals and i've got all a's! it was a lot of work but i pulled it off uwu it looks like you've got a lot on your plate too, hope you're managing alright!

that's for sure! tbh even keeping up with my current friends is difficult, but we've been doing watch parties when we can just so we can still hang out and stuff. can't wait to go out and eat with them again though xox we've all been vaccinated so we've talked about it, but no in-person plans as of yet

definitely! that's why manga/webtoons are the best lol. i also love reading the source light/web novels if there are translations out there. get all the bg info and details possible lolol

Report | 03/16/2021 6:37 pm


i have 6 midterms this week TnT i finished 2 already, 4 more to go gonk i'm a bit mad because i missed some easy questions on my exam today, but it was my fault for not studying lol. i'm just aiming for an A at least. an early congrats for the promotion? owo i got "promoted" myself in the volunteer org i'm in. i'm part of the team of international officers now :p

and that's nice! it's the same with my high school friends. tbh i lowkey miss high school. not because of high school itself but because of the people there lolol
it's been difficult to make more college friends with the pandemic u_u

fr tho! i like being able to go through stories at my own pace, but pretty much everyone i know prefers watching xox
 darkcoyote 8

Report | 03/04/2021 10:43 pm

darkcoyote 8

Hope you're doing well! biggrin

Report | 02/21/2021 12:53 pm


omg i'm so sorry for the late reply! i completely missed the notif xox how did the exam go? well i hope?

wow, at least it worked out for you all in the end XD are you still friends with all of them?

tbh that's how i feel too. like now that i have my own money to spend, i feel like i've been spending it a lot more adjlksdjlkj
although compared to a lot of other people i probably don't even spend all that much. my frugal self hates spending money, but i there's so much stuff that i want crying

honestly same lol, tbh there's so many that i should be tired of it by now, but i still read them all anyway lmao

you're not the only one who's noticed. idk why tho, some stuff would've been better off without the live action (*cough cough* death note) i actually watched the live action for sweet home and it wasn't bad. they made some changes in the story that made me kinda disappointed in it tho, but i can appreciate it nonetheless

Report | 02/04/2021 8:53 am


hope you've been doing good stranger C: