You get some lemon crème brûlée yum_puddi [Trinity cream is aka Crème brûlée]
Formerly Tora Tomi | Name: Teri or whatever you want
Asian | In late 20s | Taken | Short & Petite | Tomboy + looks like a child + voice like one

Likes: noodles, sleeping, eating, anime, manga/manhwa/webtoons, games (Steam/Switch), art, kdrama, jdrama, Jpop, Kpop, food, animals, instrumental covers, & more

Why Gaia? For art, to learn & gain motivation. I suck at drawing & I want that to change ~ Got tips or suggestions? Send help xd

What do I do? I image the body's internals. X-ray, CT scan, & fluoroscopy in a hospital

I'm quite shy & quiet at first unless I decide to be dumb and stay quiet, so just come say hi or whack me over the head or something redface

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Report | 04/30/2021 5:17 pm


you're good! i haven't been the best about replying either xox how's that going so far? the housing market is doing pretty good, at least where i live.

just finished up finals and i've got all a's! it was a lot of work but i pulled it off uwu it looks like you've got a lot on your plate too, hope you're managing alright!

that's for sure! tbh even keeping up with my current friends is difficult, but we've been doing watch parties when we can just so we can still hang out and stuff. can't wait to go out and eat with them again though xox we've all been vaccinated so we've talked about it, but no in-person plans as of yet

definitely! that's why manga/webtoons are the best lol. i also love reading the source light/web novels if there are translations out there. get all the bg info and details possible lolol

Report | 03/16/2021 6:37 pm


i have 6 midterms this week TnT i finished 2 already, 4 more to go gonk i'm a bit mad because i missed some easy questions on my exam today, but it was my fault for not studying lol. i'm just aiming for an A at least. an early congrats for the promotion? owo i got "promoted" myself in the volunteer org i'm in. i'm part of the team of international officers now :p

and that's nice! it's the same with my high school friends. tbh i lowkey miss high school. not because of high school itself but because of the people there lolol
it's been difficult to make more college friends with the pandemic u_u

fr tho! i like being able to go through stories at my own pace, but pretty much everyone i know prefers watching xox
 darkcoyote 8

Report | 03/04/2021 10:43 pm

darkcoyote 8

Hope you're doing well! biggrin

Report | 02/21/2021 12:53 pm


omg i'm so sorry for the late reply! i completely missed the notif xox how did the exam go? well i hope?

wow, at least it worked out for you all in the end XD are you still friends with all of them?

tbh that's how i feel too. like now that i have my own money to spend, i feel like i've been spending it a lot more adjlksdjlkj
although compared to a lot of other people i probably don't even spend all that much. my frugal self hates spending money, but i there's so much stuff that i want crying

honestly same lol, tbh there's so many that i should be tired of it by now, but i still read them all anyway lmao

you're not the only one who's noticed. idk why tho, some stuff would've been better off without the live action (*cough cough* death note) i actually watched the live action for sweet home and it wasn't bad. they made some changes in the story that made me kinda disappointed in it tho, but i can appreciate it nonetheless

Report | 02/04/2021 8:53 am


hope you've been doing good stranger C:

Report | 02/01/2021 10:37 pm


how have you been?!

Report | 01/28/2021 10:39 am


oof that's too relatable xox like i'll do well, be like "i can slack off for a bit", then do poorly on an assignment and go into overdrive gonk

i remember i had a car with a black leather interior once and it was literally the worst in the summer. needless to say, never again lmao XD how did being stranded go for you? hopefully you guys weren't stuck out there for too long lolol

at this point we're just professional procrastinators lmao x_x tbh i'm the type that can pull all-nighters w/o coffee if need be, even if the current matter isn't urgent. like sleep is nice and all, but i also like staying up and doing stuff lolol

i've always been pretty good about not spending rl money on games like that, so i have confidence in my ability to hold out XD glad to see you were able to pull yourself out of the pit of arknights tho! ngl i'm tempted to play myself after seeing all these people on my twitter tl play gonk

i like it! it's not like one of my all-time favorites or anything, but i can see why it got so popular. i haven't watched the anime yet, but i would recommend giving it a read

at this point i feel like i can't eat without watching something lolol XD gonjiam sounds pretty interesting! i am kinda a sucker for horror tho :p maybe i'll give it a watch sometime, but i also have so much other stuff i wanna watch too u_u rn i'm probably gonna binge alice in borderland when i have the chance. read the manga a few years ago back when i started high school, so it's kinda cool seeing it being adapted to a live action now
Elon Mulosk

Report | 01/26/2021 6:37 pm

Elon Mulosk

im doing good friend. life keep moving so fast u__u
KeroKero Kola

Report | 01/22/2021 10:37 pm

KeroKero Kola

more or less, yea. i've got one last load in the dryer that will be packed away, but for the most part everything is all set. stress and anxiety has kicked in, like i knew it would. i have to say bye to my old boy Patch, since we can't take him (he's over the weight limit and he's part chow, so he doubly isn't able to come sadly).
i am very excited about moving tho, it'll be great and i'm looking forward to it so i'm trying to focus on that rather than the stress/anxiety

oh noooo do your homework!! but at least you have a few weeks? (still, don't listen to me, that's important and you need to do that)
but yea, this past week or two i've been... not writing anything just because i don't think i can focus on it. at least not until we're moved fully. and even then, it might take a couple days to acclimate (i'm literally a cat, i need time to adjust before venturing out to explore a new place lol) once i'm comfortable i might try getting back into the swing of it and, fingers crossed, get something finished.
Elon Mulosk

Report | 01/20/2021 4:06 pm

Elon Mulosk

hello uwu