I live in Denmark 4laugh
I luv music 3nodding
I luv anime whee
I luv final fantasy and kingdom hearts heart heart heart
my fav animes is death Note, fruits basket, Bleach, shugo chara, chobits, Inuyasha and black butler. heart ¨-¨

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Toru Soma

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Birthday: 03/27


I dream...

I dream of floating away on a cloud
I dream of catching a falling star
I dream of my prince charming
I dream of how I’ll save him from the dragon
I dream of cows on the moon
And pink grass

I dream of old ladies knitting socks
I dream the twelve Olympians are real
I dream I’ll meet them someday
I dream of vast sugar cane fields
I dream of a bed of roses
And how prickly that must be

I dream of firefly friends
I dream of a lighting bug show
I dream of riding a striped horse down the aisle
I dream of hot air balloons
I dream of polar bears
And penguins

I dream of snow
I dream of rain
I dream of summer
I dream of fall
I dream of day
And night

I dream of the moon
I dream of stars
I dream of going to Mars
I dream of how I’ll be queen of the Martians
I dream of how I’ll love my subjects
And people always said I belonged on another planet

I dream of love
I dream of faith
I dream of hope
I dream of culture
I dream of life
And I dream sweet dreams.

Tsunami HiroshiSu

Under night close
Death rose to greet me.
I turned; looked back,
Though nothing beckoned –
No one cried or mourned.

Scorned by all
– My fellow race –
I shed the byes to empty space, then
Gazed upon the stony face
Of Death anon, and
So chose our treaty.

Dark dark night storm over me
Dark night is a holy blur
Dark dark night stop taunting me
Dark night and I think of her
Dark dark night I'm so lonely
Dark night why leave in me such a mess
Dark dark night I feel so much
Dark night filled with nothingness
Dark dark night please please
Bring the light

hi ^_^