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xxxxxвℓιи∂є∂ вч cιтч ℓιɢнтs αи∂ нσρєℓєss ∂яєαмs

яєαℓιтч єscαρєs ғяσм мч sσυℓ

the day i decided to go on living my life with you is the day i became a butterfly!!!

i would like to be a butterfly...because nobody suspects the butterfly!

save the butterfly...kill the spider!

there once was a crooked child,
who live in a crooked house,
and knew only a crooked love...
i am the end result of this equation!

lover... i am... LOVELESS!

on top of the world, lookingdown on the buildings, i realize once again. you are alone.
for example, if i painted for you a fantasy-of us ten years from now, still unableto understand each other. you, being the smart person you are, would probably laugh, calling me irresponsible.
the study of whales. whales once lived on the land. but its hulking mass destroyed the earth and forest. so it left for the sea. when i realize that our worlds are different, that you and i are not meant for each other. will i be able to act as the whale did?
please dont hate me. on a walk with you. on the phone with you. running with you, touching you.
and then-again, i reach out my hand.
i pray for one thing only. that at the ending of the day we call today, tomorrow will be just the same. that for the time you are here, you are the you that is mine.
tic toc, time passes by. i am at war with myself.

a murder scene
playing out in my mind
a memory
like a snapshot
the photo album that just wont close
the pictures are falling out
dancing wildly on the wind
little scraps of paper
spilling my sin for all the world to see
look at me
no dont
cus then youll know
who the killer is
in this endless dance
watching the red flowing down the edge
the edge of sanity
on the edge of a knife
bloodstained blade
whos blood
who did it
who killed you
all the red
thats what the picture is
i keep coloring it
white pieces of paper
i fill them front to back
solid red
no pictures just color
until my red crayons and pencils are all used up
dont you see
the pictures
the evidence
its all right here
labeling me
here i am killer
i am the killer
i killed you
but i only watched
i was afraid
when i saw you die
so much red
so dark
i thought it was black
but when it stained my white shirt
so bright
just like the sheets of paper
the pictures in the photo album
i keep telling me to find you
but then i remember you are dead
im angry
but its all my fault
i killed you after all
i was supposed to die
but you did instead
the photo album of my sin
come and see
come and look
rise and shine to a crimson sky
the photo album sits open on the table
but the pictures are all gone
scattered by the wind
so everyone can see
im the killer
i killed
im killing
everyone is dying
stained by the red
the photo album finally closes
but everyone knows
why i cant find you
why you are gone
and thats why from now on
all my pictures will be red
red like you
stained by these memories
by your end on the edge of a knife...

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my thoughts........

welcome to my world!

my journal is simply going to be a place where people can take a look at my life! and maby even learn something!


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Report | 03/19/2015 11:06 pm


can't believe you were on here Tuesday!
You should text me first, we can chat in the towns...

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I totally am loving your story!
Is there more yet?

Report | 04/28/2014 8:52 pm


wow, you were on and I missed you...

Report | 01/21/2014 7:53 pm


SOOO...I saved up gold, bought Gaia Cash, used it to buy cash items and sold them for gold...saving up 14 mil gold to buy you pale marionette...and now see it has jumped to 22
I'm so cursed.

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im back cool
Artificial Luck

Report | 08/20/2012 10:15 pm

Artificial Luck

Hey how are you?! Btw love the art work.
I think you know who this is : )

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heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart moshi moshi!

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crying miss uuu

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texas weather....


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my 2 OCs kari and gaku care to draw them for me?[/size:e3f219f98d][/color:e3f219f98d]