Welcome to the crappiest profile on Gaiaonline.

I'm Lady Ikana but my IRL name is Carolina and my friends call me Carro smile
I'm going to be honest on my this "About Me" thing for once xP
Here we go.

On my spare time besides doing countless amounts of boring and pointless homework I do alot of stuff to pass the time. Daytime I often hang out with friends especially my best friend and we always find something fun and random to do xP I also do horseback riding and play piano and I love doing both things biggrin
At night I like watching the sunset (how stupid huh? razz ) and sitting in front of the computer for many hours surfing on sites like Deviantart.com, Youtube, Gaiaonline, and MANY others.
You're probably bored to death now so heres some short facts about me:

Name: Carolina
Nicknames: Carro
Age: 14 only -.- I feel so... tiny

PS: If you know how to but in pictures and media and adjust their size please tell me!

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HEHEHEHEH! OMG, I know.... The later Home Alone films weren't as good...

But, I'd have to say that mine would be 2001: A Space Odyssey. Dude, seriously, for about 30 minutes, nothing but a tribe of monkeys. And you get to watch how they learn to throw sticks at one another. FAIL.
Yeah, and the later "Land Before Time" movies weren't as good as the first few...
I guess you just can't make them as awesome as the fist, huh? xD

Oh, wait. Have you seen a movie series where the later movies are as good as the first?

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My answer to that question isn't as cool as your is.... crying
I really, really love the Back to the Future series, because; 1, I really love funny movies; 2, All of the dates and times are correct in the movie; 3, I've always been drawn to space/time travel.
But I'm just a nerd like that.
And, I'll have to go get Pans Labyrinth on
Netflix the next time I can, huh? xD

What's the worst movie you've ever seen?

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Oh, then this should be hard; what's your favorite movie? =p
And why?

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LOL, yeah. I loved the end.
It almost made me cry, which was kinda pathetic. crying

Have you ever cried during a movie?


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Dude, I know, right? I thought I wasn't going to like Slumdog Millionaire, but then I was like, AWESOME!! :>
And the "OoOh" part was me figuring out who you were. =B
Yeah, I know; Evanescence is like, beast!~

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Lol, you're pretty random, huh? =P
Do you like any of my moosic?

What do you mean, "What's up with my profile lol?" ?

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LOL, you commented back!
When I first saw your name I was like, "Who... ?"
But then I looked at your profile and was like, "OoOoOoh."


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Hi. ^.^
I took the "What is Your Color?" and I'm white.
Even though you probably don't care. :>

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And how are you and your FABULOUS mad hats? razz


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