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Hi everybody, and thank you for clicking on my profile. Now you are probably looking for some information on the person's profile you are looking at?Hello everybody.

~Name~ - Kara Jo Aka Sensei, Axel, Cloud, Light, Reno, Soubi, Rocka... and so on... I got alot of nicknames... So you can take your pick, I will answer to just about all of them l... Got It Memorized?

~Sex~ - Female

~Age~ - 20

~Sexuality~ - Lesbian

~Relationship Status~- In a Relationship with Sorenlvr. And I am very happy with her, happier than I have been for a while. Though she lived 2 states away we web chat almost every night and we keep in touch, and we got "married" on X-treme Skyflyer at Kings Island May 18, 2011. And we will be celebrating our 3 month anniversary this July 4th

~Sport(s)~ - Swimming- I do swim for 2 teams, I swim for my city team which is a year round team, Kettering City Swim Team, and then I have been swimming Varsity for my High Schol, for 4 years. I have graduated High School 2 years ago and I am a student at Sinclair Community College

~Marching Band~ - Yes I do count marching band as a sport. And some people don't think it should be counted as a sport. But i have been in my high school's marching band for 4 years, and it is actually some hard work. You have to run in the mornings, and march for several hours, memorized your music, memorize you coordinates and it really is a hard day, and then you have long bus rides, but when the end of the season comes around and you step on that field for one final performane, everything that you have done to give one final great performance, you feel accoplished with the year, that all the hard work pays off in the end.

~This is my favorite Quote~ - "I love walking in the rain... Because no one knows I'm crying...

~ And I do have a little (unofficial) Sister and she does have an account and this is her account name Myoku13, and I ain't gonna tell you her realy name, but if you mess with my Akamaru, then well you are messing with the Sensei.

~This is a quote that I came up with~ -
"It's Easier To Run... Than To Facing The Challenges In Life... So... Stand And Fight For Your Goals... Because In Life... Nothing Is Easy To Run From..."

This is my "Dream Avi Section" so please help me make it real!!
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Total Value: 65,982 Gold

Item List:
Vampire's Blood Moon
Scar Of Duelist
Lovely Genie Double Silver Earrings
Waste Glamrock Headband
Black Musketeer Hat
Black Strapless Bra
Achromatic Apocaripped Coat
Black Solar Flare Belly Tattoo
Black Tribal Right Arm Tattoo
Majestic King
Black Stockings
Coal Gunner Boots
Black Glamrock Jeans
Romani Glasses
Nitemare Collar
Those Black 90s Gloves
Black Leather Belt
Celebrity Snare Snoop Dogg's Dobermans
Charcoal Cat Tail

Okay time for some new pictures!!
User Image Me and Maria after we got into an ash fight when I went to go and see her, it was alot of fun!
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Wolfy_FullMoons Daily Life.

Just to talk about what happens to this cool werewolf



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nice profile and great video! =3

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Hey stranger!! Long time no talk!! ^_^ So howls have you been these past couple of years?? I miss talking to ya. How is schooling(assuming ya went on to collage) and what not?? ninja

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Please come post in our guild! ;A;
Wolfy The Love Dragon

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Wolfy The Love Dragon

No this cry just made me cry.
-Kai Alaria-

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-Kai Alaria-

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nice profile! thnks for the purchase! :3
-Kai Alaria-

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-Kai Alaria-

I just realized...that everytime someone logs onto your email (you or your mom) it says you're on yim on meebo. lol?
-Kai Alaria-

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-Kai Alaria-

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-Kai Alaria-

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-Kai Alaria-

Uhm....there appears to be something latched onto your head. It looks like something of the pettable sort. *pets it*

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I thought you looked cute! your mom obviously doesn't know.

Yeah, sometimes my mom isn't the greatest person around, either. : /