M'not gonna bother to make this profile look nice...what's the point? You're not really interested in me, anyway. However, that won't keep me from burdening you with my vital statistics.

Current city of residence: Vegas
Hometown: Elkmont, AL
Birthplace: Silver Springs, Maryland

Name: Nunya!
Age: I repeat: Nunya!
Sex: -_- Look at the avatar, you dolt.
Sexual Orientation: ....No comment.

Pets: Four cats, a few fish.
Interests: Cats, genetics.
Self-Image: Acceptable


The Observations of Khettehk Ranhaahnman-Khett while Stranded on the Blue Planet

A Martian woman crash-lands on Earth with the crew of her ship after the Venusian enemy damages the engines beyond repair.



Worship my a**.