I am not racist. Black people remind me of monkeys and that's that. I happen to think that Mexicans are trustworthy if they have no arms or legs. i'm a complicated person, i say things i don't mean, i act different around certain people. I look awesomer in photos than i do in real life. I get down an awful lot but hey i'm cool like that. Don't expect me to talk a lot on msn unless i normally talk to you. I know people judge me before they get to know me. People annoy me when they think they're the boss, or when they do something on purpose to annoy me. I correct people a lot, i find it funny when my mom sings, my dad works abroad in Vietnam. i love hello kitty and ice skating. 29 is my lucky number. I like a good old party. Often have cravings for the strangest food. Two piercings, well three. Most the time you will see my nails painted red, i likeeeee. i don’t normally wave either, will just flash you a smile. i think i'm funny when i’m not, i couldn’t be anywhere with out my beautiful friends, funny times; so close to weeing my self haaa. Ipod is my medicine to boredom (Y). Love the long chats with people on the phone even-though i've just spent like six hours at school with them, couldn't ask for anything more tbh. i lavvv people(: i sing too, at the top of my lungs, problem is i cant actually sing ha, and i’m not just saying that, i honestly sound like a cat being dragged across rocks. i love random texts, ones that make me smile and that are long. I hate short texts. i leave all work and revision to the last minute. Picklesticks. Bye bye. mrgreen


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