If you want to know of me,
take a closer look and you'll see.
I'm an anon through and through,
and if you're lucky, I'll be kind to you.

Get my riddles right, and reward you I will,
get them wrong, and for me there's more thrill,
torture or please, that is my game,
to my insanity I hold no shame.

Random and quick, is what I am
even honest and slick, but never a sham.
Poetry and riddles, my specialty,
If you're lucky, perhaps I'll come to thee.

The creepy anon thread is where I reside,
for by my own rules do I abide.
Do not take me lightly in what I do,
for the day you mock me is a day you'll rue.





Scared? It might be best if you were...

and perhaps a little insane.