I'm not like other people....nor do I choose to be. I want to be different, lost with myself and treasuring what I have with all my heart. In the end when I die, I do not wish to be a part of what happens in heaven or hell. I want to be free, a spirit free to fly upon gentle wings. The truth is...I like myself this way. I am the true Ghost of this world, no one can ever understand me and no one ever will. Is life not better that way, knowing you are free?

Imagine this girl right before she died,
Staring into her beautiful Grey eyes.
Imagine the sound of fear in her breath.
A shriek and a cough right before her death.

You try to speak, but you have no words to spill.
For frozen you are you shudder in fear.
Imagine her white hair as she falls.
The wish you made as her name you try to call.

Give her a rose for her tears of blood.
So she never forgets by whom she is still loved.
Take the time and remember this girl,
And love her again in the next world!

Remember her words right before her death.
As you hope for her ever slow last breath.
Imagine the time you spent with this beautiful girl.
And remember her pain as your world starts to twirl.

Imagine the pain she felt as her heart broke.
Words too deep you begin to choke.
Remember what it was like to tell her bye
As you shed your tears for the girl that died.

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Syn's of God

A document on any and everything. I like to write poetry and many other things so if you like to read books, or poetry you're welcome to read it here.



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Kidd Eats Babies

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Kidd Eats Babies

Hehe 3nodding
I see that. Ello Love!
LadySir Lissington

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LadySir Lissington

Thanks a bunch! heart

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I will keep that in mind when I write my poetry. thanks for the advice. whee

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Wow..you write poetry! nice, I try but sometimes it just doesn't flow

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thanx for the visit.
Taly Ho

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Taly Ho

c: Thank you very much!
I no longer feel empty.

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happy birthday my good friend

hope its a good one
Tsubasa Kurou

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Tsubasa Kurou

Thanks! I dig yours!
Tsubasa Kurou

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Tsubasa Kurou

Thank you for your purchase!

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it feels good to be back my friend


I'd rather be hated for who I am then loved for who I am not.