Hiya! The name's Brian but most people know me by Royal Cain or Taigamma. Please enjoy your stay.

Here's some stuff of mine. Mostly results from quizzes and quotes that I feel best sum up my being. Along with Grimmjow over there------>

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Lloyd vi Britannia
I like this guy , he is just repulsively Straight forward with a hint of Kick a** twisted

Cain Aeolus
'What a piece of work is man,' when 'all the world's a stage'. The rest of you fear the truth, while I myself look towards it and though I will not rule, I count myself a 'King of Infinite Space' and shall 'Cry Havoc' in such a way that makes me kingly.

"A real man knows wrong from right.
A real man knows day from night.
A real man can handle a brawl.
A real man's house needs no wall.
He enforces his own room.
Walls and a roof only make it a tomb.
A real man lives for no glory.
Yet is the topic of every story.
A real man does what he must.
A real man is the steel that never can rust.
A man mighty with prowess.
A man that leaves girls with "WOW!"s.
He is the king of every planet and ruler of every moon.
He's his own action movie, and he's coming soon.

THAT my friend is a real man."
- Self Quote

shoenkun (Quizilla)
You Are SPARX!
The magic of Chaos and Severe emotion. Is very dangerous and deadly. Although it is not the most powerul magic, it lacks a form, causing it to be VERY difficult to control.
Due to it's unpredictable energy flow, It is only good for inflicting large amounts of damage. It is worthless for combining magic spells.
You are very deep and full of emotion. You gain both strength and weakness from your severe will. You are easily upset and/or cheered up. Any little thing can change your mood. You are creative because you have alot of things you want to tell the world. Beware, your emotions can also make you painfully selfish.


I find it funny that I cherish order yet am chaotic myself and that I am skilled in being a shadow and invisible yet fit in with the werewolves more than vampires. Yin and yang all in my brain.


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Life of a bored soul.

Welcome into my mysterious mind.

What I do in boredom with my constant randomness.



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mimi the amoeba

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mimi the amoeba

The self-quote was fine until the "Leaves girls with all the "WOW"'s"
mimi the amoeba

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mimi the amoeba

I suppose. Sometimes they're fun; other times they're just plain annoying seeing as they have no relevance to the plot whatsoever.
mimi the amoeba

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mimi the amoeba

Haha, I get too lazy to get past the filler episodes. I suppose it's fun to watch it in colour and to see things move every once in a while, but I can't stand the filler. xD
mimi the amoeba

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mimi the amoeba

aaand that, my friend, is why I stopped watching the anime when I discovered there was a manga, eheh.
mimi the amoeba

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mimi the amoeba

Yeah, as far as I know the manga's still running. I heard the anime was cancelled, though?
mimi the amoeba

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mimi the amoeba

Exactly! It would have been a perfect place for the series to end. But noooooo, it had to keep going. I mean, come on. rolleyes
mimi the amoeba

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mimi the amoeba

Sigh... When things drag on the quality inevitably goes down. I gave up on Bleach after Aizen was defeated.
mimi the amoeba

Report | 11/01/2013 7:50 pm

mimi the amoeba

Seriously tho.

Best Espada.

back when Bleach didn't suck.


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[b:59e172cdce]THEN DESTROY YOUR ENEMIES!!!"[/b:59e172cdce]

(Not a tactical genius. Just crazy and aquarian.)[/size:59e172cdce][/align:59e172cdce]