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Let's just start with the basics, no I am not your master; nor do I want you as a slave. I will never tell you the potion to my immortal beauty. And yes I know I'm pretty, don't need to re-remind me. I have a bit of bite, so please act your age. I hope to become a CB regular and make more fahked up friends. If you don't enjoy my presence then leave, there no way I'll leave for your sake. I was born on the 5th of February and no I wont be your valentine unless you can woo me. -Insert Cheesy Pick Up Line Here- I am a vegan, there I told you. I have a cat named Kibb, but I call him Dr. Kibbles. I'm Audrey, call me whatever the hell you want; but Auds is good to. I like writing and roleplaying, yes go ahead and tell me I can't choose past/present/future I KNOW. ^.^ And Yes I have a CB Crush already.

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C i t a l a i Report | 02/19/2013 5:54 pm
C i t a l a i

Yes, this is me.

I like broccoli.