The name's Hillary.
Twenty-five years old.
Thinkin' I'm way too old for this crap...
But still coming back anyway.
Livin' in good ol' Canadaland.
Some people think I'm weird,
But I'm ********' amazing.
You know you love me. <3
Don't take everything I say seriously.
Pain hurts, but I do it anyway.
Skyrim, Dragon Age, Final Fantasy, Prince of Persia, CoD... Yeah. Play 'em all.
Not much for online gameage, but would love to get into more.
People are cool. Sometimes.
Humanity generally sucks, though.
People continue to disappoint me.
Aquarius/Horse (muh Zodiac).
Also, Air and Metal are my elements.
Kind of a big deal.
Hardcore at heart.
Don't be hatin'.
Hate is a really strong word.
You'd prolly hate dislike me irl.
Did I mention that I'm amazing?

>RANDOM s**t<

I ********' cuss a lot.
I'm a big-a** hippy/pagan type person. =D
I went to college for a year studying massage therapy.
I'm also learning about Reiki.
I'm going to university at some point to become a teacher.
I'm only slightly full of myself. Just slightly.
I trick people into thinking that I'm super confident.
I take enormous pleasure in ******** with peoples' minds.
I sing opera but only in the shower. Oh, and ballet. I do ballet, too. *cough*
I think about sex 99.9999% of the time.
I have the entire LotR soundtrack on my iPod.
I'll listen to damn near any kind of music.
I've become a wee bit more tolerant of rap.
I still really hate dislike country, though.
I'm currently writing a series of novels.
I'm a moaner.
I'll probably bite or lick you a number of times throughout our conversation if I like you.
I'm a smartass. All the time.
I'm kinda moody at points. Wheeeeee!
I'm a sarcastic b*****d.
I tend not to give a s**t. But then again...
I love playing counselor.
I always laugh (obnoxiously) at things no one else finds funny.
I LOOOOOOOOOVE moozikals. :3 In fact, I've been in like, five...
I'm easily amused, if y'know what I mean. ;D
I cry at really lame movies. Like Tangled. Sigh.
I love the rain.
I'll probably dance around naked in it, given the chance.
I totally dance naked under a full moon, too. Just sayin'...
I'm like a giant teddy bear. With boobs.
I still watch little kid cartoons.
I rarely watch T.V. at all anymore, though.
I'm a word nazi.
I'm a grammar nazi.
I'm a tomboy.
I'd probably die without reasonably good music. And my PS4...
I'm kind of a b***h sometimes.
I love scaring people senseless with my awesome personality.
I'm afraid of damn near everything, meself.
I'm especially afraid of people.
I hate dislike everybody most of the time.
I'm socially awkward. Don't mind me.
Insane Clown Posse was my favorite group growing up.
I still really like them, actually. (Their old stuff. D< )
I'm kind of a heartless b*****d.
I have super awesome mind powers.
I like dudes.
I like chicks.
I have a va-jay-jay, meaning I'm a she-beast.
I'm so much cooler online.
I'm gonna stop talkin' about me.


"Quantum Flux" by Northlane.
Hellz yeah.
Love it.

I love to talk.
You like talking, too?
Well, then!
********' PM me and we'll talk!



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Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaay :U
8-bit god

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8-bit god

MY pleasure, hillary. heart
8-bit god

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8-bit god

thanks dude
fatal effect

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fatal effect

fatal effect

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fatal effect

It was kinda AWESOME.
fatal effect

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fatal effect

How is your weekend so far, though?
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fatal effect

Goodiessss how are u
fatal effect

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fatal effect

fatal effect

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fatal effect


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D'aww, well honestly I don't know what I want in my relationship anymore, I always feel lonely anyway xD
I usually have a few people to crush on, but they're taken, so I'm stuck with what I got, because yeah, it is better than nothing.
If you PM me I'll regale you with the tale of my mental illnesses xD


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