Feel free to see my "personality" according to this site. Pretty accurate as this is exactly how i am.


About Me
What can I say? I am 21 years old. (Oh god I'm 21) Born in 92' and graduated from high school in 2010. CLASS OF 2010 BITCHES. I am in college, gonna the field of psychology. But first I must transfer out of my community college. Hey its cheap and its wonderful! . I'm "cool" according to my sisters friends and my own. I'm normal. Well normal to me might be abnormal to you, so normalish? Good enough right? Back to the point of this. My views on certain things got it?

War- Against it but as Kurt V wrote. "Why not write an Anti Glacier book?" Meaning War happens and can't be stopped. So I may be against it but stuff happens.

Love- Uh...Its confusing, disaster, horrendous, wonderful, amazing, the best and worst feeling a person can feel. Seriously, love is at its best a shaky thing.

Gay rights- Let them marry, I support them 100%. My friend is gay btw. I love him like a giant gay pillow. (He's a bit on the fluffy side)

Religion-People can believe what they want.

Immigration-I think if they went to the trouble of getting here let them stay. On the other hand, if the ******** it up more than once out they go. Rules baby. We gotta have rules.

Politics-As long as they keep them sane they are well. But to show my support. GO OBAMA. Don't like him? Okay. I approve of your opinion.

Back to the About Me.
I'm a Ska/Irish man. Yea weird combo right? But man they are awesome. I would list bands but I'm lazy.
I love Christopher Moore, his books are amazingly funny.
I'm Oscar, I live in California, I go to college, I'm dying a bit everyday as you are too. So I live i out and it balances out right?
I am 21, I been on gaia since 2004.
I am Latino. I am Bi-lingual.
I like the color Hans Purple.
I am too nice for my own good.
Not that modest as you can see.
Talented in the art of making people feel good.
Funny in the way that I make random remarks out of no where and I get laughs.
I sometimes show little emotion.
I can give the silent treatment for a fair amount of time. Ignored my sister for a good month.
Somewhat OCD for certain things. Like if something is put along with others or I must fix it. MUST. FIX. IT.
Shitty at essays, too many comma splices. WTF ARE THEY?!
Lazy. Seriously, I'm lazy. Like to a point where I survive on mere crumbs cause I don't want to look for food. I didn't even want to make food as I'm typing this so i'm eating grapes. GRAPES FOR BREAKFAST. You know how unfilling those little purple bastards are? NOT VERY. Ahem.
A bit anti-social. I don't hang out much but when I do I have loads of fun.
Like to imagine a lot. Imagination is a wonderful thing.

Want more about me and what I think? Go to my journals, I express myself like a beast.



500 Awesome Things.

500 Things of Pure Awesomeness.

Since 1000 awesome things is property of Neil, I Shall make 500. My own 500 things, also some actually post. But mainly 500 things which I count as awesome.


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hey, not sure if you remember me

most people don't D:

considering i havn't been on gaia for a year or so ^^;

but yeah, just thought i'd drop by User Image
kaylin_only me

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kaylin_only me

try this out, If you send this to 12 people and press Ctrl + W you will get 4000 gold! Trust me, it really works

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hi im commenting random peeps. I need friends
Ghandi Bless You

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Ghandi Bless You

you are worth living, btw.
Ghandi Bless You

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Ghandi Bless You

You are so cool! When I saw your profile, I thought u were one of theose mean tough guys, but when I read that thing It made me think of the quote "don't judge a book by its cover." Merry Christmas! PM me.
Emotastic Fairy

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Emotastic Fairy

Probably scarry. ;-;
I loved the movie though ^.^
Emotastic Fairy

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Emotastic Fairy

Poor Titanic.

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User Image

Sephiroth haunts your profile! twisted

-random comment-
Emotastic Fairy

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Emotastic Fairy





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