~Hello My Dear Gaia Friends Welcome To My Profile~

My name is Strawberry2112... Please add a comment as u wish... comment are all welcome. Take your time.... Hav fun lookin through...

I have a little shop by da market please drop by and see anything would interest u... any other request send me a pm.... i mostly sell ink, insects or bugs and also flowers..... some clothing item as well...


Name: Aurora Lee
Nick name: Rora or strawberry XD
Age: 20
BOD:21 December 1990
Gender: Female
Occupation: Student and working as accountant clerk
Location: Brunei Darussalam
Friends: Check my friend list n some other non-gaians
Best friend: Anbu Angle of Death, Blue_berry2112, addicat, are only ones in gaia
Hobbies: Draw anime, read manga and go swimming
Fav colour: sky blue
Fav food: sushi, sweet n sour fish, vegetable lasagna
Fav drink: grass jelly with soya milk, bubble tea