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"Rukia is a Soul Reaper in the 13th Division. Shortly after meeting Ichigo Kurosaki, she is forced to give him her powers in order to fulfill her duties as a Soul Reaper. Reaction to Rukia's character is generally positive. Her differences from typical sh┼Źnen heroines is praised, as is her sense of humor.

Short and petite, Rukia is among one of the shortest characters in Bleach (especially for her physical "age"), easily being towered over by people of Chad's height. She has pale skin and dark hair, she somehow manages to always keep a stray bang in between her eyes. She has a purple-ish eye color which at times looks as if they have some dark-blue in them. Rukia said to Byakuya that she strongly resembled her old sister and Byakuya's wife, Hisana Kuchiki.

Rukia is an accomplished actress, being able to act her way through a number of tough situations, such as getting out of trouble with school teachers or managing to get a room at Ichigo's house much to his embarrassment that his own family would fall for such a lame act. Ichigo seems to be the only one to always pick up on it and accuse her of pretending. She also seems to enjoy drawing (albeit horribly); her drawings of people and Hollows seem to resemble rabbits and teddy bears, respectively. Rukia's inability to draw well (and her taking offense when told as much) is a running gag in the series. Rukia loves Chappy the Rabbit (and basically anything rabbit-themed) and is rather put out when she is unable to obtain Chappy Soul Candy because of its popularity in Soul Society (although she is able to obtain it during the Arrancar Arc). She also likes to climb to high places and her favorite foods are cucumbers and shira-tama (but the list could get longer)..

Her attitude towards Ichigo varies throughout the series. At times, she is a bickering adversary, and at other times, she worries about him and dispatches advice like a wise old sage. Most of their scenes together have them yelling and making faces at each other. Despite these quarrels, the two have a deep understanding of each other, often being the only ones able to talk each other out of a funk.

There is a deeply serious side to Rukia as well, best shown during the time she was taken back to Soul Society for giving her powers to Ichigo. In her time in Soul Society, which she spent in various holding cells, she is constantly seen resigned to her fate or in deep thought. She and Ichigo also have similar feelings of loss and guilt. Ichigo thought he was responsible for his mother's death and Rukia's near execution. Rukia thought she was responsible for the death of one of her commanding officers, Kaien Shiba, and considered Ichigo's apparent death her fault.

Rukia's favorite foods are cucumber, eggs, and rice dumplings. She likes to climb to high places, and everything that is rabbit-themed or resembles a rabbit which explains her affection toward Chappy, the rabbit, and the fact that her drawings about people a always look a little bit rabbit-like. She always has trouble to find clothes that fit her, especially when inhabiting a Gigai in the human world."

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Go look at mah journal =3

The real Rukia. xD *evil stare*
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About me sad My name is Katie by the way : D )

-A Capricorn
-19 years old

-Obsessed with chocolate
-Likes sunflowers
-Never sleeps
-Likes to color

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-Stubborn & argumentative
-Can be a perfectionist
-Likes being weird <@=)

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-Loves the snow
-Wants to help people
-Laughs constantly ^^;
-Talks too much

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Ichigo doesn't understand my beautiful art. Gawd.

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Yes, I drew that piece of WORK.

Ehehehe... Ichigo is mine~

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Thank you thank you thank you! I LOVE COLLECTING YOUR BEAUTIFUL ART, YOU WONDERFUL PEOPLE. -cries dramatically-

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