I thought i needed to change this b/c i sounded waaaay to emo last time xP

so im gonna break what im gonna tlk about into groups...starting with this:

I have awsome friends...most of mine are at my school...a few are at my church.Some of my friends are on here(u know who u are)...others are not and think im probly really immature to get on this...But i'd do alot for every single one of my friends..even if it ment getting nuthing in return(my friends wont believe that but its true)...

Church is fun...i am christain so yeah...i have my beliefs and im stickin to them...but im not gonna argue w/ everyone about my beliefs....mostly b/c im too lazy xD
Also...the people in my church are sorta 2-faced...but i got used to it along time ago....made me learn who i should chooze as friends.

I go to EHS(not gonna say exsactly where)...it has okay teachers...some alot more funny then others...but the thing that sux is lunch...but all school lunches suck so i guess i'll have to get used to it....i am currently in 12th grade...and well thats about it....

Aka:My(not so)Creative Mind...i get bored...i write...poums mostly...for more info look on the right middle of my profile below my friends...
Currently writing a Story....which sux...but oh well...anythings better than nuthing xD

Not the greatist family...but they still are my family...no getting rid of them...1 younger annoying sister...1 older,less annoying but still annoying sister....and one mom....my mom and my dad split up when i was little...so i never had really much of a whole family...i've almost allways lived with girls...which sux...(and probly is what makes me very feminine)

Best and worse quality...some find me funneh b/c of it and some dont...its more of a thing u'll get used to....this is weird though b/c if i eat chocolate...it has the exsact opposite effect on me....chocolate makes me sleepy(weird right?)

Country...no question about that being my favrite...just started listening to rock/pop...but not much...LISTEN TO MY PLAYLIST TO SEE WHAT I MEAN!!!
me <3 lady gaga razz

I wouldnt comment about it but i tend to tlk about stuff i dont like tlking about ....i have basicly had one real gf....that relationship didnt go well..so split up...now im just...um...how do i put this...wondering about waiting for sumthing amazing to happen...anything can happen ive been told...

(UPDATE(in 10th grade) )ok....so i had another gf...didit work out well after i crossed the line...( lol my bad)....her dad made us break up...which is probly a good thing being shes an 8th grader,...i got lead on twice by her, so that ended up...um...weirdly awsomely bad

.....for somereason i like younger people thats like 2 yrs younger to my age...it sux but am)

(update(in 11th grade))i have an amazing gf...whom i love <3

(Update(in 12th)) So the last gf fought alot with me, thats over and nwo with an amazing person whom i dont fight with at all <3

I'd like to believe the quote "You truely get over wanting someone...once you have found someone else to want"...just b/c i'd like to doesnt mean its true

I needed to add this b/c people mistakle me for liking guys, i like chicks....110% , no offence to any gay poeple, im just not like that....i know for a fact, and well yeah......srry, just had to say it

So thats me...notice i didnt mention what i look like...thats b/c i dont exsactly have the greatist self-esteem when it comes to that....but i have rawrange hair which is amazing...


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My(Not So)Creative mind

This just has stuff in it that i write...its mostly emo-ish and retarded love-ish type poums...not exactly about anyone i know....and if u like what u read comment...not like anyone cares about my crappy writing...



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Chibi Wolf-tan

Report | 01/09/2011 9:51 am

Chibi Wolf-tan

i'm ignoreing u!

Report | 01/30/2010 12:24 am


no it's okay i don't mind keep it up!

Report | 01/07/2010 6:44 pm


Interesting. Im the same way with my writing!! I have more poems in my journal.

Report | 01/07/2010 6:36 pm


You're writing isn't crappy!! Its very good!

Report | 01/07/2010 6:16 pm


Thanks for the poem comment!

Report | 01/03/2010 9:49 pm


You sent me a PM asking me if you could use my poem day and night but you have your mail box blocked. when I went to give you what I had to say in comments I looked at your poems. good idea for me, not so much for you though, huh? you should've waited for my reply. WARN ME BEFORE HAND! My friend just saved your sorry booty by convincing me to not report the journal entry!

P.S My friend (LDS Goth Girl) says she likes your poems, and she and I both wonder how old you are? It makes me suspicious....

Report | 08/20/2009 7:46 pm


Hey, your journal's great. I like the story, hope to hear from ya.

Report | 07/15/2009 8:04 pm


hello! wassup?

Report | 06/14/2009 9:26 pm


A'right its finished.

Report | 06/14/2009 9:24 pm


A'right, thanks. I've got a couple more things to change before its ready.



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