Per me si ve ne citta dolente.
Per me si va ne l'etterno dolore.
Per me si va tra perduta gente.

Giustizia moose il mio alto fattore;
fecemi la divina podestate,
la somma sapienza e 'l primo amore

Dinanzi a me non fuor cose create
se non etterne , e io etterno duro.
Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch 'intrate'

I am Lune Dagon, sole heir to the Dagon-Dynasty. Daughter of the late former empress. I am a young ice drake with an icy cold vengence. You are either with me or against me. For I am the leader that will lead my dragon-kin to the depths of hell and to the heights of the hevens! I will defy Gods and Demons... all for the sake of my own gain. Why? Because I want that power... becuase I want to remake the world in my image!

I was born in Reis, a once beautiful country with the second largest forest on Zera. When the first king lived he ruled with the kindnes only one can get after being loved. He was once a power hungry man but that changed when he met Sulis, a 'savage' neko-jin. Sulis was a healer... kind... gentle... loved by all. Ragnarok, the first king had two heirs born from the woman and a daughter. The three were named like he was. Ragnarok II, the oldest. Ymir, the second born... and Shiva. God like names for god like children. Ragnarok was nicknamed Shadiw because he never left the queen's side. Always behind her like a shadow. Ymir was named opposite, Light. Because he was always for the crowds, the strongest. One day changed their lives... and Reis. The king's jealous brother send his followers to slay him and his family. They succedded in killing the queen which lead to the Great Massacre and the banishment of the first born, due the loss of his mother he went insane.

The Great Massacre was a bad time for vampires, since they were the ones who killed the queen. Ragnarok I led his forces into his own city and gathered the vampires. No one stopped him. All the races were on the same page... even the vampires themselves... everyone loved the queen. So they pointed at the traitors... after one month of killings. At first ir was 'Protect our own' But their numbers dwindled to only a few clans...

After thatragnarok led his forces to slay his dark brother. it was then when the Dagon Curse began. Both Ragnarok and his brother were killed. But the brother hid his essence within the eldest son. Now and until Lune Dagon's birth the cuse demaned that the eldest heir kills the reigning king and queen. Ragnarok cheated that... But that will be explained soon. Ragnarok II's reign was begining. he ruled like his father, finding his beloved Serena. A shy human with no sence of evil in her. The light to Shadow's darkness. When she died he never went insane... he cried to hsi best friend... Shadow had explored all the worlds in existnce for a cure for Serena's rare illness. Having failed he damned himself. At the same time her illness was spreading into the jungle villages. the people of Reis were in chaos.Shadow burnt the entire forest down in one swift blow of his dragonic form. This lead to the created of the Great Desert and a new race of animals. Sand Sharks, Raptor Vultures, Worms, and the rebirth of an ancient strain of antlion; Deathscythes. Soon after everything Shadow married Uriko also died later on. But not before she gave birth to Ragnarok III and Lylis, the first born demon of Zera. Ragnarok the cheated the curse. Killing himself in the most profound way. In a whisper he vanished... leaving his two children to rule. Later it was found out that ragnarok ahd Mistress during Uriko's last days. Adramelech was born. A devilish child who only loved his mother like Shadow. Then another heir showed up. Melethia, the eldest. The throne became hers with the help of Kunzite of the People. An Earl of Morrigu, the farming town below the capital.

Melethia's rule was short... yet long. She and Kunzite Gem ruled Reis justly, no crimes were ever commited thanks to Kunzite's laws. it was then that Adrammelech lead an army against his sister. Constantly te heirs fought.All except Lylis. Melethia met her end by her son's hand. Pyrrhus Dagon.

Pyrrhus ruled much like Ragnarok and Shadow. His daughter Serena resembled the second Queen of Reis. But the first king's brother showed up once again... It had turned out Melethia married another during the lost pages of Dagon history. Masanori Sakazaki, a neko-jin. The Sakazaki famaily is tied ti Shadow's rule. having been created to defend the Dagon famaily, their cousins. Leto and Linda Dagon were born. Leto blamed Pyrrhus for Melethia's death... and so a rebellion was created just because of that.The half brothers fought until Pyrrhus found out about the dark brother. He killed himself, not wanting a massacre... The benevolent king fell down the Great Stairs and stared at his half brother... and cursed him.

Ragnarok III took the crown from hsi dead nephew. His rule is lost in history... how and when is a mystery.

His daughter, Mahiru came to power next. A shy and coward girl... she ruled with the help fo her cousins Leto and Linda. Mahiru changed the Kingdom into an Empire... as Empress she ruled by what the people wanted and nothing less. technology came into play and ran most of the city. She was careful of her allies and enemies. Often targeted she never punished a single one. The people had their doubts but adored her soft voice and ways. Then The Tragedy struck after she gave birth to her daughter Lune. The dark brother was the father. Even he could not kill something so serene... pure... But one man did. He was deranged and believed he was loved by the beautiful empress. During her rule Mahiru had put humans and all races together. In the past humans were slaves, now with rights they flocked to serve Mahiru. She made public appearences and what not. All for her people.But when that man came to her she was afraid. not because he was human... but the way he acted and appeared. Leto and Linda were away when such this happened. Confused as to why she was afraid of him he stabbed her repeatedly. Because it was human no one knew how to react, because of the laws. Lune, already 10 years old, took a Knight's sword and brutally killed the man. Her father was horrified...No one can say what she did next was evil. No one questioned it. Omni, her human protected was the only one who followed up... everyone else did as well. Humans were hunted.... killed... slaughted. And when most fled all eyes were on Omni, the last human in Reis. Lune never attacked her. She saw Omni as a mother figure. The rest is caught up to now.

Lune is 17 and humans again are slaves under her rule... war is once again alive... and her mother's rule was known as the Second Golden Age.

Lune can be easily described.
strong willed.

She has short red hair, red eyes and an athletic figure.

Lune has few phobias, fear of spiders and being alone. Somethings he got from her mother who shared the same fears.

Lune's favorate color is blue and gold, despite the Dagon family color is red and black.

Lune can sometimes be seen as a scardy cat, always afraid of humans and what theyc an do to her if they had the chance. She could be call insane but if you saw your mother die infront of you, wouldn't you be too?

Lune veils her self as Lady X, a vigilantee of the country. She's often seen saving humans, probably some hidden mtoive wishing she never ordred their destruction.


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