Some people write about what they like or don’t like in there lives.
About whom they are as a person or what they want to be in the future.
For me, in this biography that most of you probably won’t read, I will tell you the most basics facts of myself.
Because frankly, if you really want to know me, then try to talking to me.
I am simply me, a girl who’s trying to find her place in the world.
Someone who doesn’t let others take advantage or Make fun of others.
This is who I think I am, only you will be able to decide who I am.
Everyone has there likes and dislikes. And everyone has there own opinions.
You decide who I really am. That’s life.


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Kinky Steph Production

What is a journal. Some do it to write there feeling. Some write poems. Some write stories. A journal can be anything the writer wants it to be. My Journal. My Words. My World.



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Salty Starburst

Report | 10/18/2014 6:06 pm

Salty Starburst

Awww well i'm happy for you : )

&& yeah. Gaia. Is kinda lame. I came back like 2 years ago-ish xD
&& now it's like i'm slowly moving away from it again.
But since I won't have anything to do now that I am single again i'll probably come back on. Dx
Countess of Rot

Report | 10/02/2014 3:35 pm

Countess of Rot

I'm good! How is you ? c:
Silly parents eating all the food, enjoy your subway!
Countess of Rot

Report | 10/02/2014 2:41 pm

Countess of Rot

MEEP MERP Hellos you!

Report | 09/28/2014 10:46 pm


Not Quite. More Focused On Reality. I Might Log On Every Few Months Or So.
How've You Been Miss?
Salty Starburst

Report | 08/22/2014 6:06 pm

Salty Starburst

HOLY s**t. O . O
I can't believe you came on >___<

&& inorite?
I came back from a 3 year hiatus, about a year ago now, I think?
&& I still wonder why i'm here lol

I've been pretty alrightttt for the most part.
How are you <33333333

Report | 07/25/2013 7:57 am


Hi. I don't remember who you are but apparently you miss me according to the global search. In June 2010,you said you missed me in a thread located in the exchange. Let's be friends.

Report | 05/23/2013 9:22 am



Report | 07/24/2012 11:44 am


heart heart heart heart heart heart heart
Salty Starburst

Report | 07/04/2012 4:58 am

Salty Starburst

I thought you forgot about me;; Honestly v .v
D; Facebook kinda bores me as well x _x
[/posts boring status' && youtube songs XD]
That's all ._. && only when i'm home alone D;
I get fricken bored then too v .v
I miss you tons :[

&& yuh ._.
Gaia bores me a s**t ton still DX
I just came on one day;; Noticed Prod commented.
Told me to stay on;; && I have been coming on everyday since.
But he hasn't talked to me ever since that day? ._.
WTF D: <
x _x

Internet is so boring for me now;; Unless it consists of COD (xbox live) with Austin XD

But yuh ._. I should like e-m ail you on fb at times;;
I see you go on still. && i'm like [/sadface]
We used to be so fricken close o.o

Did my face scare you away? DX
That's why I hate adding people from gaia on facebook x .x
Bahahaha . xD
Salty Starburst

Report | 06/28/2012 7:05 am

Salty Starburst

Don't you go on gaia anymore? D;
1st time for me in like almost a year!
I miss talking to you;; : [
When we did everyday. ya know? v .v
We have eachother on facebook;; && we only say hi.
&& then that's it. </3.
I guess people change :/


heart heart heart