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When I was a kid I watched Space Pirate Captain Harlock, Star Blazers, and the Robotech saga; a real geezer by Gaia standards. I'm not as into anime now and I never was into manga, but I like a lot of the classics and some of the more recent stuff that's come down the pipe and I'll always be willing to watch something I haven't seen before to see if I'll like it.

I stumbled onto this site when I saw a banner ad for it above my then-favorite web comic 8-Bit Theater. I must have threatened to leave this site a few dozen times, yet here I still am. I've met some insufferable boors here and I've met some exceptional people here; in that respect the Internet is just like any social environment. My life has seen some ups and downs in this time, and I'm sure it will continue to do so.

So, yeah, go ahead and talk to me; you may catch me when I'm not at my worst, though if anyone will ever catch me at my best is a good question — I still haven't. Fair warning: I can get pretty gloomy, arrogant, and condescending sometimes when I forget that I want to be a decent human being.