Hey there mister..or miss x3 what ever ya wana go by like what ever floats your boat *shrugs* how are you im a cool cool person x3 I was hooked on marijuana for a minute but im fine now x3 all of my favorite songs are somewhat exotic x3 im a very epic person x3 I do have many unturned pages of my life x3 er...im 14 still ._. I have an instagram and a facebook but im not on facebook to much so that's a iffy thing for me im not a ruff tuff kid im a normal one in a partially bad setting ya know x3 im not a swag f** im just ..... me heh~ people tend to look at me awkwardly I do have a since of fashion emotion_dowant I hate lots of stuff and people emotion_donotwant I was at one point a very bad person to be around but now it's like I;ve brightend up x3 er I don't usually Fight in other words if you jump in my face I tend to walk away x3 I can tend to be a bad little kitsune x3