Goodness me, this is 2017. Pretty surprising, isn't it? And it almost ended, too. Unfortunately the inflation doesn't seem to end, though.

Stuff happens, and, well, there's a bunch of "real" games these days so this forum-based "game" is really outdated. Does that mean I'm not being 'loyal' to one thing? Well, I'm still coming back here, even though it took every forevertime or something. I do forgot my Neopets password, if that's what you're thinking.

Think of it this way; I have less than 100 people in my friendlist, and when I was still having fun in here, nearly half of them suddenly gone. Hiatus or whatever, there's no information. Probably one of those "grow up" thing, I'm not sure. But yeah, you get the idea. Gaia is like deviantart, where the first thing you see is how you look, or in deviantart, how your art looks. I tried getting more for my friendlist back then, but I look like some random gold beggars, so probably 1 out of 20 accepted the request. I even still have a bunch of requests from 2007 for no reason. So I'm still going to come back every once in awhile, but with no one to meet, there's no reason at all.

Anyway, here's a few games that I played most of the time. Since I switched the hub for Aura Kingdom to Steam, might as well mention about it as well. Profile name is still Premium Bait as of September 2017, and the link should be /id/mmoist/ because I play free games.

Oh, and beside games, I also do gundam kits. Not much on the customs, but I do built quite a bunch of them.

-Online game IGNs

Dragon Nest SEA
Greenwood server(primary server, because my strongest ones are there) :
-Grasius, Barbarian
-Endia, Gear Master
-Chazakiel, Ruina
-Remira, Sniper
Other servers(been awhile, I'll wait for the transfer to Eyedentity to be done to check) :
-Ramijada, Dark Avenger
-Ramidala, Silver Hunter
-Anagura, Black Mara
-Tearsaber, Destroyer
-Vorseus, Swordsman

And a bunch other ones I forgot. Yes, I have plenty of characters, mainly just to test out things and builds. None of them are that strong, though. I spent a lot of revives on the abyss difficulty.

Aura Kingdom NA
Sukuna, Grenadier

It's been a long time since I played AK. Point-and-click MMORPG is quite a moody genre for me. When I really want to play it, I can play it for days or weeks. When I'm not, I'd leave it for a long time.

Phantasy Star Online 2
Player name : Balagriel
Character list :
-Rosenberg, Cast
-セリア, Caseal
-Amaryllis, Dewman

Obviously the JP one. I quite enjoy this game and tend to go back and forth to this MMO. I usually use Rosen most of the time, but I use other characters as well for meseta purposes.

Valkyrie Crusade [Android]
50b5n - Brahma, kingdom level 120-ish

Yes, I'm still somewhat active to this mobile game. When I posted this back then, I was still at level 53. Now I can deal with AW/FAW like a breeze. Still can't deal with LAW or those elemental gate mechanism. If I don't have to worry about the element, sure, I might be able to do something. But elemental gates require you to have one type of element to be properly advantageous, and I don't really have a good pile.

Also have FGOJP and GBF, but they're maxed out on the friendlist, so I'm not putting it here because it's rather pointless to do for those games.

I seem to play some really old games, don't I? The thing is, I tend to go around and play all these new games, but most of them doesn't seem to be interesting. Visually, sure. But gameplay-wise, they tend to lack stuff to do. Take those two popular mobile games, for example. FGO and GBF. FGO is, well, Fate franchise, so they win by franchise. GBF on the other hand, is a completely original game with some spin-off appearance from Cygames' other games or sponsors. And GBF can compete side by side with FGO because it's a game that feels like an actual game, while in FGO, you close the app after a couple battles because there's nothing else to do. That's why I tend to go back to old games or some unknown, underrated MMO where I can at least enjoy the world of the game, instead of staring and poking these fancy characters while waiting for stamina. Yes, GBF is a new game, but they seem to stick to the old ways. And when I said old, I mean when people play FB games.

Why the super-old theme? Don't remind me.


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Report | 09/03/2017 7:23 am


iki id ku
Carl Martshaley

Report | 12/10/2011 8:37 pm

Carl Martshaley

internet lemot?
kasihan sekali...
aku nek maen booty nang kampus i...
nang omah ra kuat...
saranku booty ae, mbok rasakke begitu gampang dan cepetnya dapet 100k dr booty, mengko ketagihan kwe...
Carl Martshaley

Report | 12/09/2011 4:22 pm

Carl Martshaley

Bad, idea...
barang cash opo sing larang?
nek ora 999 cash regane ndak mungkin diatas 200rb...
mending BootyGrab ae...Nek internetmu ra kuat, maine nang kampus UII...
Carl Martshaley

Report | 12/09/2011 7:35 am

Carl Martshaley

yo, nek duitmu ra cukup yo main BootyGrab ae sikik nganti cukup...
lumayan lho, 50 rb cuma keliling2 forum aquarium selama 5 jam...
Carl Martshaley

Report | 12/08/2011 8:19 pm

Carl Martshaley

cek ae nang wishlist ku, nang kono ono beberapa item RIG bulan ini sing tak incer...
Carl Martshaley

Report | 12/08/2011 8:16 pm

Carl Martshaley

nek modal mu 800k kebawah
tunggu antara tanggal 25-30...
pas kuwi barang2 hasil RIG (CI) bulan itu hargane jatuh semua...
pilih sing kiro2 apik dan bakal naik tinggi, cek ae nang <RIG> item list nang forum...
nek RIG bulan selanjutnya wis teko, nembe mbok dol barange...
Nanging ojo mbok simpen kesuen, harga barang RIG pasti bakal turun...
dan cuma naik 2 minggu setelah RIG d tarik...setelah itu mulai mengikuti arus pasar...
Carl Martshaley

Report | 12/08/2011 7:53 pm

Carl Martshaley

ya, lumayan lah...
6 bulan lalu ki aku wis berhasil ngumpulke 400K
barkuwi di silih Hias 400k...nggo tuku RIG sak bundle...
trus RIG kon tak dol dhewe...
yo wis, aku usaha RIG saiki...lumayan 1 RIG untung 30-50K...
Carl Martshaley

Report | 12/08/2011 7:42 pm

Carl Martshaley

Bapakku lagi kerjo kok...
penyakit kulit kok, dudu penyakit dalam...
UAS? isih 1 bulan maneh be'...
hahaha...Yo wis mengko tak golek dhewe...
Wah? RIG ku payu...dah dapt 700k...
Carl Martshaley

Report | 12/08/2011 7:32 pm

Carl Martshaley

Ayo bantu aku golek...
ra kuliah to kwe...?
Carl Martshaley

Report | 12/08/2011 7:28 pm

Carl Martshaley

yo keno...
choz, golek godhong pohon beringin nandi yo...
aku butuh nggo obat...
bapakku loro...


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