My Name is Kyle
15 years old
Philippines is the country where I live

Grade 9 student
My goal in life is to choose a goal in life.
I still don't know what course to take, I still have 3 years to think about it because I still don't know my capabilities. Soon enough,I'll discover it

I really like people who are friendly and accepts wether the person is his/her level or not because for me,all of us are equal in the eyes of God

I am not catholic, also not muslim
Proudly a "Jehovah's Witness"
The one you make a joke about "Do you have a time to talk about God?"
It's quite offensive but we can't blame and stop the internet for that

I'm a sweet guy and I don't want to be bitter
but people all around me are bitter so,I should be bitter too :3
Go with the flow they said.

I don't want to get mad because sometimes I lose myself and I don't even know what words comes out from my mouth when I am out of control.

I both take like seriously and don't take like that seriously.
Just live life the way it is.

I have a birthmark (alot of em actually) but I still am confident to show myself because we should be proud of what we are and we shouldn't be ashamed of ourselves.

I played Gaia since 2010 or 2011.
Alot of things have changed but still have to embrace the way it is because we can't change the community itself.

If you read this till the end,I love you! and I hope we'll meet soon and have a good time.


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Jay Yah

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Jay Yah

Awa sa group chat..Gi add na taka xd

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Philippines I image is beautiful, we want to go there. Money will come soon to you, all you got to do is work for it in any good way possible. heart

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Yes it was nice and then I thought to myself that I have amazing sight seeing areas just so close to me and I should go out more often. xp

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The weather is really beauiful in southern California, yesterday I was in Culver city on Venice Boulevard, it was nice seeing the TV studios and recording studios as I drove by.

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I think I have a baby shower party to go to. I hope I feel better enough to attend. heart

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wink Hi how are you today biggrin
Jay Yah

Report | 01/16/2015 3:00 am

Jay Yah

Thank you ! dramallama heart I lab yu ! heart

Walay Forever. xd

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rofl rofl rofl

oo nga eh HAHAHA
buti naman gusto mo pang mag gaia wahhahaha

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huwawww deep AHAHAHAHA rofl rofl rofl

oo tapos baka sumobra pa HAHAA
tapos lugi naman sayo pag nagbenta ka tapos nakulangan ng 0 awtssss lol lol lol