Name:: Kyo
Age:: 17
Personality:: Well i would say i'm a fun person that knows how to make others laugh or do something unexpected that makes others laugh or yelp in surprise. i'm a very fun person, though i can be shy as well. i'm very considered of other peoples felling, but i don't care what people think about me. if you hate me then i don't really care if you love me i probable love you as well. i'm very weird and love being random.
Likes:: Moon flowers, Nighttime, Music, Drawing, Crazy things, Writing stories, Daydreaming and having fun
Dislikes::people that think there better then everyone else, being labeled, sleeping, fatty food and being stuck in one place for to long
Fave Anime:: Wolf Rain, Inuyasha, Chrno Crusade and Hellsing
Fave Manga:: Elvenlied, Death Note, Naruto, Kimayadadori, Evils Return, Alice 19th, Ranma 1/2, Judus and Flame of Recca
Fave Characters:: Kiba (wolf rain) Garra, Diedara, Zero (Kimayadadori), L, Light, Chrno, Kyo (fruit Basket), Fray, Ranma and Judus.


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pssst hi
Xlet_The Holy Darkness

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Xlet_The Holy Darkness

looking good Kyo ^-^

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Thanks for buying


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