My Gaia name is Silva Tempus, and I've been a member of Gaia (with this same account) since 2005. I like reading, writing, and drawing, and if you ask really nice (and maybe include a bit of leverage), I might just draw one of your favorite people. I don't do color, but I'm not too shabby with a pencil.

I hate people begging, but other than that, I'm incredibly patient most of the time.

I'm subject to moods where I don't want to talk to anyone. Don't take this personally. I'm just used to being ignored, and sometimes I'm more comfortable pretending I don't exist.

My likes include a number of things, but my current obsession is Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover slash fanfictions. Know a good one? Send it my way. I will read them crossed over with nearly ANYTHING. I don't like depressing stories, though, which shortens my supply to a surprising degree.

And cats. I adore cats. And against all odds, the feeling is mutual.

I have issues with my parents. And... you know... everything else in existence.

I've got some odd morals. The one you are most likely to offend is this one: I do NOT take well to people insulting their past actions. I've come to the conclusion that we are a different person from one day to the next. To insult your past actions is to insult someone else. Also, whoever said "Hindsight is 20/20" can kiss my a** because that is a COMPLETE fabrication. There is more at work that JUST you in any situation. It is POSSIBLE that doing it differently could have yielded your perfect result. But you also have to remember that you didn't know everything. You couldn't know everything. Thinking that you should have known is entirely too much responsibility. You can, however, say things like, "I think I could have done this better." or "This probably wasn't the smartest thing for me to do." and I won't take offense. Thought to be honest, most stuff doesn't offend me. If something strikes me as wrong, I give you a quick lecture on the arrogance of believing that you are key to every situation and my straight-up opinion on whether what you did was the right thing or not. Or maybe I think it's impossible to tell without being a deity.

And I think I'm going to wind down before I tell you everything about myself. ^^ ... Despite that I did give what amounts to too much, anyway. razz


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I think I plan to write about whatever comes to mind at the moment. Personal events, I guess.


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As I do remember yours lol
I think Ive met you through a mutual friend

its been awhile
came back to see whats up, whats new

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old friend??o.0
 Lumbee Wolf Lady

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Lumbee Wolf Lady

thanks for buying~ heart

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haha lol biggrin

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thanks for purchasing my store smile

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er....i am now left with two more days till i know which school i will be posted to. haha.
junior college level... not sure if your place has....usually two years for 17-18 years olds. smile

wow MIT O_O what are you planning to be / do for a formal job o.o?

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haha that sounds about right.
i think mine is more like...when the year starts...i suddenly stop...then when (usually during the school breaks) i get long days of boredom, i find myself on gaia everyday again. ><

are you still schooling?

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haha nice. i think mine's like....o.o forever the similar look XD

do you go on gaia often? O_O?

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hi! thanks for buying the drop! ^^
hope you got something nice from it smile

btw i really like your avi! ><
Nerevar Telvanni

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Nerevar Telvanni

lol xd your welcome.