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Favorite Movies/Anime
Paranoia Agent, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Bourne Identity and Supremacy, Night of the Living Dead, Vanilla Sky, any Creepshow movie, The Fountain (omg the Fountain), V for Vendetta, Black Swan, Speed Grapher, The Secret of Kells, and many others.

Favorite TV Shows
Twilight Zone, ... Twilight Zone, any 90's cartoons really, and a few of today's inventions occasionally.

Favorite Reads (books/comics/manga/etc)
Books: Anything by Kurt Vonnegut really, Harry Potter, until you get to the later books., I'm not really a fan past book 3, Grendel, Illusions: Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Eragon, Memoirs of a Geisha, The Elegant Universe, The Double Helix (slow read, but still interesting), the Tyranny of Words, The Te of Piglett, Poetry from W.B. Yeats, the Hunger Games (despite it being Battle Royale 2.0), the Anita Black series (lulz), and probably more.
Manga: The Demon Ororon, Angel Sanctuary, Death Note, Priest, The Getbackers, Psychic Academy, Fruits Basket...kinda..not really x:
Comics: I'm not much of a comic reader. Sorry q.q I get most of my DC and Marvel updates from friends.

Favorite Music/Bands
Tool, NIN, Muse, Audioslave, Rasputina, AFI, Aiden(kinda), Black Eyed Peas, Blue Oyster Cult, Cake, Cloud Cult, Damien Rice, Placebo, Death Cab for Cutie, Dream Theater, Frank Sinatra, Franz Ferdinand, Garbage, Gnarles Barkley, Gorillaz, Infected Mushroom, James Blunt, Johnny Cash, Kitaro, Kill Bill Soundtracks, MSI, MC Frontalot, Modest Mouse, MCR, Orgy, Panic! At the Disco, Pearl Jam, Queen of the Stone Age, Richard Cheese, Sigur Ross, Snow Patrol, Soundgarden, Sneaker Pimps, T.AT.U. (?), Tan Dun, The Fountain Soundtrack, The Cranberries, Offspring, The Used, The String Quartet, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Jimmy Eat World, Sam Sparro, plus some.

I have a lot of interests and they change a lot. Not really profile material...Hobbies include (but are not limited to): Drawing, Henna, Computer stuff, DDR, watching old TV stuff, basic jewelry making, Tennis, Gardening.. plants in general since they're kind of my major n'all heart

But if you really must know:

I'm the kind of person that likes to find the hope and joy in things. I think we can overcome any obstacle by looking inside ourselves just as we can be destroyed by any obstacle through ourselves. I believe that I don't know exactly what I believe as far as faith goes and it never really interested me. The theory of God will forever remain a theory, if He wants me to believe He'll show me one day. The universe is a collection of actions and reactions; a constant push and pull. Yet for some reason I see magic in the world still? Perhaps I see magic in the human soul.
And though this seems like an attempt at depth by a walking monkey it's really beneficial to know this: you'd never suspect these words were my own if you'd met me in person. Because I'm not a serious person and I really would never hope to be. I just think inside my head a lot. Writing to anonymous works. :>

Special Thanks
Wow, I get to open a new section I thought I'd never open o:"
[edit] Shwew! The list is getting pretty long recently and all these gifts are very mysterious o.o! I don't know if this is all from the same person but I've decided to condense the list a little bit for simplicity. Not that in doing so I want to diminish the gratitude for all of this love however n_n <3

Thanks to...
Teir_Night for
-The Flower on My Head
- Chubbi Chicky
- Labu Heart Necklace
- Summoning Tome
- Sari Asoo
My avatar looks almost happy now thanks to you, rofflecopter xD HEART 4 Sari Asoo Tome @_@!!! I wuv joo x3

Dead_Horizon for
- Morgana's Gloves
They're a very nice collector's item that I've never actually had until now! Thanks!

TatsuyaYumeRyu for
- Barq VOX Sneakers
- Red Star Arm Tattoo
All of these gifts are absolutely wonderful! The sneakers help towards a dream avatar I've been looking to get. Thanks so much!

[Lieutenant Jailbait]
- Doll Ears
- Pirate Eye Patch
- Deluxe Pink Carnation (Black Bouquet with Red Ribbon)
- Elegant Veil
- Firestorm Dragon Gown
she finally told me who she was! biggrin Heart~ Thank you so much for all of these wonderful items! I love them so much and I've already got so many different ways to use them all! x3 Also thank you for ending the guessing game thing (partly, lol) I'm horrible with these things ^^;

- Spirit of the Falcon
Whoever you are thank you so much for the falcon thing! It's so cool and I can use it with so much stuff! /feellove
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Report | 03/25/2012 7:40 pm


I take it GA stands for Georgia, right? I've only seen 'em once in America, in New York and they were quite nice, but you can only really experience 'em at their fullest in Europe (Especially Finland) Where it's cheaper to drink and for the most part everyone drinks/shares and has a good time with everybody else. Still, anyplace I get to see 'em, I'm golden. Awesome group.

Do take care, ma'am and have a decent day at Uni tomorrow. 3nodding

Report | 11/26/2009 8:07 am


Thanks! As soon as I found the item with the rainbow puking that was it. I had to buy it no matter what the price was and I love it!

Report | 10/24/2009 12:23 am


I can understand the point of college way more so, you're treated so much better and the work is actually relevant to the subject.
But yeah, school and I have never mixed terribly well.

Report | 10/24/2009 12:19 am


oh, I never did my homework. I didn't see the point of practicing material that I already knew from paying attention in class.

Report | 10/24/2009 12:13 am


haha thank you, it is.
Captain Nemos

Report | 08/08/2009 1:12 pm

Captain Nemos

love your avi.
Jailbait Queen

Report | 12/02/2008 6:38 pm

Jailbait Queen

your avvie is full of sex and win

Report | 11/17/2008 4:27 am


Your avi is freakin awesome <3

Report | 11/06/2008 1:26 pm


you've been on here for longer, although how much longer I am not sure, I have only been on here for around four years!!

Yeah, black is a mighty powerful color, you could strip it out and I don't think that does as much damage as bleaching... but yeah you should totally do the fushia thing, you've been talking about doing that for years!!!

Report | 11/04/2008 8:04 am


So whats up. Tis been a while for me, and I am having some issues trying to figure out how to work everything... I wish that they would go back to the "04 layout...