Ello~ 8D

Due to my laziness and blah, I will not be on Gaia as often anymore. >.> I will try to remember to drop by occasionally though~ ^^

Anyways, I am just your average-high-school-human-alien-thing-boring-loud-quiet-lazy-Bleach-bishie-loving-Vietnamese-Australian-pianist-drawer-stalker-glutton-insane-chicken-baby-eating girl-boy-itmale called Catherine. o/

Since the "My Interests" section doesn't seem to be visible for some strange reason, here are my interests XD;

ANIME: Bleach, Evangelion, FMA Brotherhood, Haruhi Suzumiya, Azumanga Daioh, Death Note, Lucky Star, Ouran High School Host Club, School Rumble, Honey and Clover, Romeo x Juliet, Higurashi, Hetalia, probbalky more but these are the ones I love mostest~

MANGA: FMA, Evangelion, Hana Kimi, Wallflower, Midori Days, Bleach, Chibi Vampire, Sand Chronicles, Vampire Knight, Death Note, Ouran High School Host Club

MOVIES: August Rush, She's the Man, Finding Nemo, Mulan, Edward Scissorhands, LOTR, Harry Potter, Pan's Labyrinth, Death Note movies, Princess Diaries, Pride and Prejudice

TV: Two and a Half Men, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, The Simpsons, Hana Kimi

BOOKS: Earthsea series, Mao's Last Dancer, Inheritance series, The Ranger's Apprentice series, Anne of Green Gables, Haruhi Suzumiya light novels, and truthfully I do like Twilight. I just don't like the movie, Edward the pansy-a**-***** thing and Bella the boring Mary Sue. =.=

MUSIC: These days I listen to any music from my favourite anime, nothing else much XD I guess some notable bands/singers I like are YUI, Kanon Wakeshima, Angela Aki, Lena Park , Aqua Timez, The Mission in Motion, Porno Graffitti, Fall Out Boy, Boys Like Girls, Fall Out Boy and blah.


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Report | 11/19/2009 10:48 pm


bonjour catherine-sama!!! =3
hows it goin??
awsm page
me bored
xxoxxxoxxxoxxxox nya! ^^
Emperaror Sasuke

Report | 09/20/2009 2:54 pm

Emperaror Sasuke

Happy birthday!! heart
Emperaror Sasuke

Report | 04/21/2009 2:50 pm

Emperaror Sasuke

biggrin How are you? Haven't heard of you in a long time heart

Report | 04/21/2009 1:20 am


Hey! You actually went on for once!
XD is that all you did?
Any chance of you getting on again?
Emperaror Sasuke

Report | 04/03/2009 3:29 pm

Emperaror Sasuke

hey, how are you? heart
Emperaror Sasuke

Report | 09/20/2008 12:27 pm

Emperaror Sasuke

Happy Birthday to you! happy birthday to you!
Have an awesome day!!!
Emperaror Sasuke

Report | 08/16/2008 2:04 pm

Emperaror Sasuke

I love winter.
Emperaror Sasuke

Report | 08/09/2008 3:08 pm

Emperaror Sasuke

Hey! How's your summer so far
Emperaror Sasuke

Report | 07/16/2008 5:01 pm

Emperaror Sasuke

Hi. Thanks for accepting my friend request. I like your profile. I'm also a fan of bleach.

Report | 07/06/2008 3:14 am


hi! i'm just going 2 random ppl's profiles 4 money. hope u dont mind. ^_^ btw luv bleach. especially rokiya


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