Well...um... what can I say? Oh well, I dogs they are so cute!!! I've never owned a dog... well when I was younger (1-2 years old) I had one but we had to give her to my cousin. I never had a dog (in my memory) until Oct. 2. My younger sister named her Calisa (Cuh-lee-suh) and she is a german shepard/chocolate labrodor mix she was born in June and she saw her first bit of snow in late November... she eats it... A LOT!! lol

I'm interested in other things like ..... playstation! I spend time with my playstation almost all the time. I can't wait until I get a playstation 3!! Unfortunately, they're 500$ and the games are 60$ each. If I do get one, it lets you play Playstation 2 games on it and that's good.

Um.. I like my life, except my parents are getting a divorce but I feel sorry for myself and others that have suffered this feeling. I have a little brother and little sister... so yes I'm the oldest out of the family.

My mom is Filipino and my dad is 50% Polish, 25% Hungarian & 25% German but I've lived all over because my dad is in the military and we move every 3-4 years. I've lived in Japan most of my life. I visit my Cousin in California once a year and we use to drive cross country from Virginia to California, so i guess I've been all over the place but there's a lot more to see.....

There's a lot more about me that you'll probably won't ever know....
Okay Bye Now!!
Thanks for reading about me.....


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Happy Birthday!

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hi can you help me i dont know how to put a background or a playlist plz help me!
cutie girl288

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cutie girl288

hey shotty face im sexylady92 best friend in real life and i always talk to her so its nice 2 meet u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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thanks u r a life saver

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Hey There Cuz!! I dunno why your username is the way it is... you could always change it back.

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Your profile is weird!!! All these comments about someone hacking you or something like that!!!!!

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♪♪ Music is My Boyfriend

Music is My Girlfriend

Music is My Dead end

Music is My Imaginary friend

Music is My kingsize bed

Music is where I make my friends

Music is My hot hot bath

My Music is where Id like you to touch♪♪
Katze Wachter

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Katze Wachter

My God your a niuesance.

Misty didnt try and hack you.

Personally, I dont kno why she would, your avie looks dirt-poor.

Plus, if she did hack you, then your password would be changed and you'd be unable to get back online to your account...

Gimme a break. Stop whining to the world and shoot yourself already, emo f*ckface.

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WWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have about as much drama on your profile as the sevi's at school................................wait a second..........................YOU ARE A SEVI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! srry..........about that. User Image But you get what i'm saying........ right?


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