Hi there!! welcome to my profile Maybe you want to let a comment ?
A little more in-depth info about me;
- My name's Carol and my age...well that's a secret^^
- I'm a Spanish girl ( that's why my english sucks)
-I reeely like anime and manga, and i draw it a lot ( take my signature as an example ) Sometimes i make some commisions, so if you're interested ask me ^^
-I love music, all kinds ( except flamenco, i'm a weird spanish, i know )

Not much more to say, be safe all of you ^^

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Aoi Kaze

Report | 08/03/2010 12:57 pm

Aoi Kaze

thank you so much shiroi heart you are really amazing whee
I love it heart
Sending you trade now

Report | 07/28/2010 8:09 am


Report | 07/26/2010 5:11 am


hey i left from rally becouse i got bord...this is how bord!.......

you want 100000000 gold then copy/paste this on ten gaia profiles and press f4 then log out and log back in and check your gold!!!!!!!
Aoi Kaze

Report | 07/26/2010 11:24 am

Aoi Kaze

Thank you smile

I am okay waiting for a week or two...

We'll you can change the position if but I just really like the art style and the finishing to be the same as hers.
I don't really care that much about the position, I will live it to your imagination, whatever works for you.
As long she is portrayed as a sexy dangerous fighter smile

If you find those stuff too hard, you can also do the same position "the reference picture you have" So whatever you like smile

Here's my list

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Total Value: 3,189,905 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Red Lacquer Chopsticks
Sakura Blossom Hairpin
Berry Tavern Wench's Bustier
Red Lacquer Comb
Ancient Katana
Reve Rouille 9th Gen.
Cherry Blossom
Young Mrs. Claus' Gloves
Roco Rochel Costume Earrings
Red Cat Collar
Crimson Promise
Kottan Bell Reunion

the flowing cherry blossoms are optional: you don't have to draw it if it makes the drawing too cluttered...

You can always pm me ....

Thank you very much smile I really do appreciate it
Aoi Kaze

Report | 07/25/2010 10:43 am

Aoi Kaze

Hi Shiroi smile do you do commission? If yes, I hope you can draw my avi full body like what you amazingly draw this ( http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk239/shiroi_kotori/gaiacontest.jpg)

I can pay you 80K for it plus tips smile


Report | 07/19/2010 8:48 pm


no problem blaugh

Report | 07/18/2010 9:12 pm


u drew that!? ur so talented blaugh

Report | 07/18/2010 12:41 pm


ohz i like ur sig and avi 3nodding


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