Hello my name is Amy im 15 I like to Draw, listen to music ( mostly rock ),I like to write, I like to rp, I like to laugh and hang out with my buddies, And I love my Girlfriend Andrea more then anyone or anything on this planet and I love talking to her all day.
Um..this is just a short about me but just talk to me and you will find out more. <3

surprised Oh nose!! Shion is Questing!! surprised
Shion is Questing for Embroided brown jeans. 123g/1.6k heart

heart Donations! heart
All donations are awesome
I will take your junk off your hands
or even 10g any kind of Donation helps
I shall pay you back in time for your donations. Thank you. heart

heart Donators! heart :
[+Lolita_Doll+]: 400 gold toward my green beret quest. heart

Ptero: 400 gold that went to my Green beret quest and gave me enough to buy it. heart


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you are like so ugly buck teeth

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lol The siggy is my sidekick xD!

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*runs around profile* WHEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! 4laugh
Luna Uzuki

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Luna Uzuki

I love you too.
So much. <3


User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.<--Me.
Yes Shion is questing.
Questing for: Embroided brown jeans. 123g/1.6k
Donations are loved and donaters shall be added to my profile. <3