A young teenager, light tone skin with marks on her body. Her left arm had a sign. A sign that looked like it came from an alchemy sign. Her clothes were dirty and torn. She wore thin clothes, peasnt clothes for that matter. Her bloody red eyes shook a bit with anger. Her mid way hair was cut a bit from the back as her bangs would cover her eyes. Te dark blue color from her hair gave off a weak shine, giving you the idea that she wasn't well bathed. No shoes on her feet, nothing to keep her warm in the dark cold nights. Though she didn't seem like that would get in her way. Her head would turn away from you, her eyes narrow as she huffed. She seemed not to trust you, she didn't trust anyone. For she had been abused when she was a child and always lived alone and always will be. Unless....she has found someone she has fallen for.


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you shall fear me! Mwa ha ha ha ha!!!