Name: You may call me Shavix, or whatever
Age: 26
Height: 174cm
Weight: Heck if I know
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown, with a tiny bit o' green in 'em.
Favorite colors: Jade green, neon green, ice blue, indigo, lilac and purple
worst color: Hmm... puke-green, faded/washed out colors and s**t-brown.
Favorite music: Just about anything from heavy metal/epic metal to classic. Not much of a fan of modern pop, rap, dub-step or any of those awful remixes of actual, decent music.
Hated music: Disharmonic noise that makes your ears bleed that some dare present as music <.<
Favorite food: Cherry ice cream, cherry pie and just about anything with cherries.
Hated food: canned asparagus... -shiver-
Hobbies: Reading, mostly fantasy and sci-fi and rping, mostly yaoi/guy-on-guy. I used to draw a lot too, but not so much anymores sweatdrop
Hated activities: Cleaning and dishwashing and washing clothes! xp
Favorite clothing: Jeans I'd friggin' marry my favorite pair if I could! rofl
Least favorite clothing: Bras... I hate 'em. Evil money-sucking, ill-fitting spawn of %&@£?%#! stressed
Favorite possession: My lappie-top! 4laugh
School? I study Japanese Psychology at Copenhagen University
Work? Nope, too lazy and haven't got time anyways ><;
Smoke? Only passively 3nodding
Drink? Yarhp pirate
Drugs? I take a couple painkillers when I need it... >.>;
Lovelife? Nonexistent.
Love interest: None.
Favorite beverage: Cherry coke. whee
Least favorite beverage: Beer. Especially if it's lukewarm... -shudder-
Greatest fear: Hm.. getting hurt by someone close to me I guess...
Favorite parts of me: My eyes, my hair and my personality! xD
Least favorite parts of me: You probably don't wanna know and I sure as heck don't want you to know xp


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nice avi

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hi are you greenlandic? emotion_kirakira

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Your avi is so cute. A plushie of it would be adorable.

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I am doing fairly well. ^^ sleepy

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How are you is doing? ^ ^ been so long

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hey you
Disco Phantom

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Disco Phantom

Hey gaia says it's your birthday! I have no idea if that's true or not, but if it is HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope it's a good one! XD
Disco Phantom

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Disco Phantom

Just wanted to let you know that I love the new avi! It's awesome!
Orgasmic Yogurt

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Orgasmic Yogurt

aww srry to hear about your head ,and I'm good just school ,and trying to actually get a love life the usual... lol
Orgasmic Yogurt

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Orgasmic Yogurt

How is every little thing!!!