My name is Ricke.
I'm 20 years old.
I live in Vancouver, Canada,
But I plan on moving away someday.

My roleplay character is Shaiath
His name is pronounced "Say--yath"

I like:
Best friends.
Coca Cola.

I hate:
People who can't spell.
People who lie. NEVER lie to me.
People who decide to be jerks.
When I can't bring myself to be nice.
When I hate people.
Pointless things that aren't interesting.

Read this:
I'm jealous.
I'm extremely protective.
On a bad night, I'll be very irritable. (I'll snap at you.)
I love it when it rains.
I run around in a t-shirt and jeans, in the rain.
I dance. Just not when you're looking.
I also used to cry. But, again, not when you're looking.
I think too much.
You can't stop that. I'm working on it.
I love to draw.
I don't draw enough.
I enjoy baking, and such. Even if I always burn it.
Even pancakes. v.v

I'll love you. Just don't mess that up.

My idea of romance? Dinner. One we've spent the evening creating, together.
Talking. Some time to hold you. Tell you how much you mean to me.
I'd want to spend the evening admiring your eyes.
Letting you know how lovely you are.

People with my crap:
Mini -- Winter Rose

Here's to the changing times.

Virus`s Picture
Old picture, drawn by an ex-friend.
Left to right: Light, Soap, Virus, Jinx, Sesshy, Myself.
It's based on how people were dressed at the time, that may not be right.

Demon kinda thing...
Old picture
Drawn in late 2005, in my Woodshop 9 class.

My short sword in D&D
Old picture.
The actual drawing was ruined by the rain shortly after I scanned this.

Old picture.
Seki was a name given to me by Zeno; I named this guy that.


Shaiath's Journal of friendships and game progress

Hello, the events of the day... or week... or month

This is my journal, my lovelies, I'll try to update it often enough.



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Hey, Shaiath, been a very long time. I used to be Gernev. Looking for oldbies, kinda disheartening seeing so many people have vanished. But alas, thy quest shall not be abandoned!

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I like to think I just helped the rest of the world see you how you should be seen.
Cute, cuddly, moogle-ness~

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You're such a cute moogle-kitty!

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You still go on here. biggrin
La Cantarella

Report | 09/27/2012 10:34 am

La Cantarella

Ah, I see. I basically just handed my bill back to them and told them I couldn't pay it. They haven't bugged me since.

Yeah, hospitals in the States are usually pretty shitty. They're always under such a strict budget that they can't afford to make it homey.
La Cantarella

Report | 09/26/2012 11:14 pm

La Cantarella

Hospitals are likely the same in Canada. Except you bastards get that s**t for free.
La Cantarella

Report | 09/26/2012 1:37 pm

La Cantarella

That doesn't sound like psychosis to me. I know because I've been psychotic for years. I'm schizophrenic and bipolar.

I just described the basic outline of a ospital. Nothing special. Though I do appreciate the compliment.
La Cantarella

Report | 09/25/2012 1:52 pm

La Cantarella

What's wrong with your brother?

Well, for the most part, it looks like a hospital on the inside. You've got your usual nurse's station and depending on the facility, you've got exam rooms. There is also a room with no door but a half-door that is always locked. Twice in the daytime and once at night around bedtime, a nurse stands behind it and hands out medication. There are several offices inside for the doctors and therapists and such. In the second facility I've been to, there's a dry-erase board with the date on it and patients' names and room numbers as well as their risk levels. I had a red sticker at first because I was on lockdown, and then when they released me from it I had a yellow sticker for a fall risk. In county, there wasn't very much to the ward I was in. There were a couple hallways and then there was a set of double doors locked with a key pad next to it. Those doors led to the other ward. In all of the facilities I've been to, there has been a carpeted day room with a TV and a bookshelf with books and board games and sometimes a few decks of cards on it. One facility had tables. There was also a couple of sofas in it. Therapy and recreation takes place in the day room. The room I stayed in at county was shared with me and another female patient. I had a low bed that was bolted to the floor, a desk, and a cabinet to put my things in. A surveillance camera was right above my bed, protected by a metal cage so we didn't break it. There was also a bathroom. At county, I had a shower/bath and at the last facility I was at, there was just a shower head with no shower curtain and a toilet. A bible was in my room at county. I never had that at the other facilities I've been to.
La Cantarella

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La Cantarella

You mean the inside of a mental hospital?


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