About Me
I am 24 years old, I'm a Psychology Major, and whenI was in college I manage a social life unlike most students

I "Mew" at people. You'll soon find out if you don't understand...heh.

I am a Artist, Please ask to read my Manga that Im currently drawing. It is titled "Trial By Fire"

I hate assholes... the definition of an asshole varies from person to person so I'll narrow it down. I hate people who belittle others and mistreat them, making them feel miserable. That to me is the definition of an asshole... someone who abuses the trust that another person has given them...


I enjoy walking in the rain
Every now and the I'll make an EVE Character, more on that later...

I love Foxes <3

Drawing, Talking, Socializing, Watching Anime, reading Manga, hanging out with friends, Playing my PSP[Usually in class ^^;;;], Playing MMOs, Mewing, Watching Movies, Trolling YouTube.com and 4chan.org, studying new Japaneses art techniques. Chasing Foxes.

Drawing people, Japanese things, Mewing at girls, Building, Videogames, Writing stories/poetry, Walking, Watching movies, hanging out with friends

Favorite games
Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core (only because of Zack Fair), Monster Hunter Freedom, Monster Hunter Freedom 2, Monster Hunter Frontier, Gears of War (series), Devil May Cry (series), God of War series (EXCEPT FOR CHAINS OF OLYMPUS WHICH SUCKED ASS!!), Final Fantasy (series, except FFVII, sick and tired of it).
Anything Japanese really, Foxes.

Favorite Music
Level, System of a Down, Justice Rose Cannon, Linkin Park, Coldplay, Gym Class Heroes, Mixed Artists.
Pretty much any metal / heavy metal / death metal
Beat Boxing that doesn't suck, Instrumental Music

Favorite TV Shows
Bleach, Family Guy, Black Lagoon <---f*cking Sweet O_O <3
I don't really watch TV that much...

Favorite Movies
Grand Torino, Taken, Be Cool, Event Horizon, Alien (series), Terminator (series), Clerks 1 and 2, Clerks the Animated cartoon, Horror Movies.
Too many to list

Favorite Books
Love Hina, Negima, Comic Party, Girl's Bravo, Battle Vixens, Battle Club

Favorite Quotations
Status-- "is wishing that inconsiderate b*tches wouldn't scream. Seriously, no one wants to hear that sh*t. Save it for when you're getting raped."
~ Erika Stiles

oh for f*ck's sake, i think that instead of more maverick vs reploid stuff, how about some crazy ass aliens f*cking things up instead? REPLOIDS IN SPACE b*tchES!
~Megaman X Fan

"If your the sh*t then that's good but if your sh*t that's not good"
~Jason Atcho

It's 2:30 in the morning and I can hear you through the walls talking about dinosaurs, stingrays, and Aids.
~Jason Atcho

Wait...Do stingrays have Aids?!
~Steven Dueweke

"Even those who don't want to kill anybody would like the power to do it."
~David Clements

"You don't need a reason to help people."

"Work it out on the floor!"
~Robot Chicken

"What the f*ck, over"
~Chris over the radio in Africa.

~My mother and myself

~Chris Wagner

~Justin Barrera

"Thats BULLsh*t!"
~Justin Barrera (usually when we play Online)

"Get Final Fantasy XI!!!"
~Brittany Zink

~Brittany and Nikki, respectively

1st Man: "You sure this is legal?" 2nd Man: "I don't know, It's fun though isn't it?"

"f*ck your naked bluejeans"
~Jay Man

"I'd be the first man to ever discover aliens in outer space.....and f*ck it"
~Jay Man

"She has Nothing to do with this, LET HER GO!!"

"The meaning of justice can change from one day to the next. Politics are fickle, they change with the times. So long as we stay loyal to our countries, soliders like us need nothing to believe in..."
~The Legendary Soilder, Big Boss

Soldiers, hear my words! The Cold War will
soon be over. For the United States and the Soviet Union no longer have the strength or authority to shape the world as they seem fit. Even as America sinks deeper into the quagmire of the Vietnam War, her allies in the West have achieved tremendous economic growth. And with the collapse of its planned economy, Russia can no longer keep up with the financial demands of her vast army. But the end of the Cold War does not mean that peace will follow. Freed from the domination of the world's superpowers, nationalism will soon be the driving force behind global politics. And the ever-widening gap between rich and poor will fan the flames of hatred between nations. Nuclear weapons will slip from the superpowers' grasp and spread throughout the world. Soon no one will know when or where the nukes will come from. Today's ally may be tomorrow's bitter enemy. Or worse - the time may come when soldiers of the same country will kill their brothers -- just like you are now! Who of you can say that tomorrow you won't be aiming your rifles at your neighbors? Your comrades? Your families?

Angel Quotes:

"An angel's blessing prepares a soldier for war better then a thousand military drills."

"Falling from heaven is not as painful as surviving the impact."


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Ninja kyuubi13

Report | 11/08/2012 4:47 pm

Ninja kyuubi13

oh I see that you rp :3 we should rp sometime if you want :3 Im not super good but I do enjoy rping
Ninja kyuubi13

Report | 11/06/2012 4:39 pm

Ninja kyuubi13

yeah sorry for any bother :3
Ninja kyuubi13

Report | 11/04/2012 4:31 pm

Ninja kyuubi13

ah >w< I just saw the fluttershy vid you had on your pro and thats why I was asking
Ninja kyuubi13

Report | 11/03/2012 2:12 pm

Ninja kyuubi13

My little pony fan? :3

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Aaah I was just poking you
Yeesh :/

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you mean fill?

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yes >.>
i do xP

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lols I see where this is going >.>


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