Farewell GAIA... it was fun real fun... it's not anymore sad
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eeeh.... ?
I've forgotten I've decided to play guitar by listening to ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION.

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The only thing you have to know about me is:

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My pokemonsters:
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What Your Favorite Color Purple Says About You:

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Intuitive --- Seeking --- Creative
Kind --- Self-Sacrificing --- Growth Oriented
Strong --- Very Wise --- Rare

What Does Your Favorite Color Say About You?


by the way.... this is a cube. The purple cube of dume:

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"Love is the strongest when it's impossible"
"L'amour c'est comme un saut dans le vide.
On attend toujours qu'un miracle se produise pour nous donner des ailes...
Mais on tombe...
Et lors de la chute on ne cesse de se demander pourquoi on a sauté..."

du?? Who's that??
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in real life:
Name: ...
First name: Hary
Age: not fixed
Ethnicity: ...

drawing, playing guitar, singing


break dancing.
Anything that can thrill my imagination

Me and my cousin are (supposed to be) developping our skills together.
He is at the keyboards. If we can call 2 persons a group, we form a group.
For now my goal is to become a lightning god guitar master è_é

two of my artworks...

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"I'm so lost in thoughts"

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"I'll keep on going forever and ever and ever and ever":
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The tale of a (really) forgotten boy



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Report | 06/04/2010 2:03 pm


howdy dearest azn man. how you be doin?
Panda Got No Game

Report | 11/27/2009 3:21 pm

Panda Got No Game

Well I only signed up to it so I could chat in the APG but I'm not well accustomed to it >.<
Plus there's no one to chat to .___.''
Panda Got No Game

Report | 11/27/2009 4:07 am

Panda Got No Game

oh >.<
do you write any of your own songs? biggrin
Panda Got No Game

Report | 11/21/2009 2:43 pm

Panda Got No Game

Broke your hand? Ouch
Well stay positive that you'll be able to use your hand again (:
You gonna record yourself? O:
Youtube? :3
Panda Got No Game

Report | 11/04/2009 2:03 pm

Panda Got No Game

I miss the simple peasant clothes & the non-existence of these annoying commercials but it was bound to happen seeing as Gaia is growing & growing D:
Why do I feel that Gaia will soon track everyone on this site just to see what everyone is saying (I'm sure they don't do that already...)
Yes same! I recently checked this site & I'm scared to get addicted again =___= But obviously it's been healthy addictions ;D
I'm doing gooooooood~
I'm in my last year of college & things are really getting hectic finding universities & getting along with projects ): I wish everything was in slow-motion or I could stop time for a while to get everything done.
So how are you? It's been a while! :3
Panda Got No Game

Report | 04/10/2009 5:25 pm

Panda Got No Game

To be continued ? ;O
How's the band going now ?
Hope your Easter Break is going well n.n
Panda Got No Game

Report | 03/20/2009 3:57 pm

Panda Got No Game

Yayyyyy you're in a band :'DD
Thought up any names for your band yet ?
I've tried before composing a beat for me & my friend's lyrics but it's just so difficult o.<''
You must be quite talented & creative to this that sort of stuff u.u''
Does your band get along well ?

I hope I can still travel to France , my teacher is being so quiet about it ...
But if I make it I'd love to hear your band play C:
Me ? XD
College is keeping me busy (as always)
I'm contemplating if I want to go straight to University or take another year in college & do graphic design
I'm currently doing fine art but I dunno ...
I want to say I'm leaning more towards to going University
Anywaysssss , all my hard work paid off when I got one of the highest marks in my class from one of my latest projects n.n
We had a make a concept & develop 50 ideas+ for it
Although my teacher for my other subject says I'm under achieving
So I guess I can only work harder >.<''
Panda Got No Game

Report | 03/16/2009 12:38 pm

Panda Got No Game

Haven't spoken to you in a while 3nodding
So how have you been ?
Panda Got No Game

Report | 02/21/2009 6:20 pm

Panda Got No Game


Car ?
m i s o t i m e

Report | 02/17/2009 7:34 pm

m i s o t i m e

yeah i think lol

over here we call it diploma =]


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