Lets see...OH!
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That;'s me...I'mma hunter biggrin and i have another picture me being the red ranger...i'mma bit weird but it's kewl, you'll love it eventually, It's just up to you to pick the easy way....or the hard way >:3

I've been on Gaia for like as long as i can remember. So i know what to expect so let me clear the air kay :3

No i will not be your girlfriend, And i don't have any gold or items to donate sorry.

Moving on!
I'm currently 17, I live in HAWAII!!! whoo yeah surf...no actually it isn't that great for me lol i burn easily and my bike is stupid...AND i can't go anywhere with my hunter clothes on cause it is so flippin hot! But for a year i will survive :3 Other than that, I have a boyfriend i love him very much <3 he has an account on gaia i made him get for the first prom (He bailed ; ; ) but he doesn't get on that like ever biggrin sooo yeah -cough- He is in...Where he is but i will tell you this we have been together just shy of two years and have never come face to face in our entire lives, Love works in strange ways, Remember that, It may help you someday.

I am also really into anime and manga like 99.999% of gaia is, That and Cosplay, If you have cosplay pics from cons or your own walk about town send them too me XD people who cosplay are instantly epicly awesome in my eyes :3

Also i dunno who even READS these geez lol um if you want art pm me, it's free and you will eventually get it, i just want to work on my art is all lol i have a friend of mine who if i do not draw will throw sketch pads, pens...grenades at me ya know average things :3


My little world

xXmY wOrLdXx

This is my life and what has or will happen in it.



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Flame Ninja 69

Report | 12/14/2009 12:03 pm

Flame Ninja 69

too long...too too loooong

Report | 08/21/2009 6:42 pm


oh over donating xD

lololol the bf xD is dat wat u telll ppl " the bf " lololol jk thats just funny to me

yea so my fav things to use is

mp5 silenced



uav jammer

nd dead silence lolol

Report | 08/18/2009 8:00 am


Err Lol i barely get on xbox i can play this game online since im unbanned ..

But woosh that spawn inside u OMg..

Lol thats hawt.. can i spawn inside u babe xD jk

... i dnt like when that happens easy headshot

also running out of bullets is great especially since its hardcore most likely ill use a deagle and one shotting ppl so yea

^_^ <3

Report | 08/16/2009 11:56 pm


Hmm Lol

in u that sounded hawt actually xD hahaah

and hmm hardcore is like more difficult thats why i love it xD

regular is so easy... i can got 1000+ points in one game 2 whole clutches my team sucked and i killed like 5ppl average every round..

Report | 08/13/2009 10:30 pm


Oh thats cool

i always play Hardcore Search its my favorite

but i play Hardcore Team and other game modes for fun / with friends and i love doing 1on1 on shipment

even though i suck .. sometimes xD

Report | 08/13/2009 8:34 am



hmm wat did i do that was so epic oh yea

i like to play hardcore search nd destroy so yea

in vacant it was 1 vs 3 i was all alone it was 3-3 whoever won dat match wud win da game

so the bomb planter was planting i through smoke then i crawled bhind him after he done planting i defused it nd i was epic ninja lol

hahah end of the game when the screen faded they wer all looking at me like wtbuck lol

Report | 08/13/2009 8:27 am


Hehehe a day were

we use virtual bullets to take over the virtual map

Hhahahaha that sht had me laughing Hahahah..

Report | 08/13/2009 7:37 am


Hehehe xD

hmm we didnt get to play yet i barely play cod4 im usually online xD on the computer

sry <3

Report | 08/12/2009 7:18 am


polite lool
i never rly used that word lol

mmkay but its not like when u say i love you u dnt say ty...
its natural for me not to get a ty after i call som1 beautiful sry xD

loolz to much chocolate will give u a headache xD

Report | 08/11/2009 2:31 am


Oh its cool ^_^


a cake u made sounds wonderful and delicious

hmm why do u say ty?

to the truth?


I am 5636 miles away from the love of my life...and i wish i could be with him...
Not to mention Google gave my this helpful advice.
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