I'm a Father and a brother, I'm a man and a boy. I'm here to help those close to me whenever they need me even if its just me sitting next to them. Those who know me best cant even begin to describe me easily. Trust me or not I'll try to help. I can be a hyper person at times too. Don't be too quick to judge me at first, you might actually like me.

when I'm with those i trust and love and those who look to me for help and guidance, i feel like i could fly and i kinda do, when i show someone a good time getting them away from everything thats wrong and the stuff that makes them sad, and when I'm in my own world i soar through the sky flying with beautiful crimson wings.
and just knowing that i can help my friends helps to calm me sometimes and knowing that i have you with me makes me feel like i could touch the stars.

No one can make me feel like you did.
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Black Leather Belt
Emo Glasses
Those Black 90s Pants
Charred Tundra Boots
Dark Tuxedo Coat
Joker Wand red-black
Dark Cape
Joker Hat red-black
Red Sketchbook

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Past myself into my Mind.

This is where i shall write when i need to. And to where I give my advice.



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Nice avatar. ^=^

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*tacklehuggleglomp* HIYAS!!! <333

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thank you for buying from my store

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Lost forever in the sea of life, Will you be the one next to me?
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