just some info about me that i would like to share.

im 22 years old
born july 25 1985
im a leo
im very motherly and tend to want to take care of others
im in college
single, but this time by choice!
i dont judge others, i give everyone a chance.

my other names:
Sasami, Sam, Betty and my tag is Luci (short for Lucifer)

my favorite music:
mostly alternative and punk, but i also like old skool hip hop (my uncles fault, he was a DJ in the 80's) and i like house party and old music from the 50's and 60's.

my favorite bands:
im really into my chemical romance right now (the 3rd album rules!) but i also like;
go betty go
last week (but they broke up.)
green day
motion city sound track
fall out boy (sometimes)
blink 182
losers luck
ramones (ofcourse)
blondie (before disco hit)
and some other ones that i cant think of

my favorite movies:
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Nightmare Before Xmas
The Corpus Bride
Clockwork Orange
A Love Song For Bobby Long
Kids In The Hall Movie
Clerks and Clerks 2
Land of The Dead
Day of The Dead
Plup Fiction
From Dusk Till Dawn (Tarintion Version)
That Thing You Do!
The Royal Tennenbaums
the simpsons movie

my favorite shows (including anime)
simpsons (since i was like 4 years old!)
invader zim
dirty jobs (is it weird that i find the host mike rowe atractive?)
myth busters
full metal panic and FUMOFU
fooly cooly
family guy
metalocolypes (yeah i bet i spelled it wrong)
morel orel
drawn together
home movies
Tracy takes on (i bet no one will remember that)
my gym partner's monkey
and if i think of anymore i'll add them

my favorite video games:
gta vice city
anything zelda
sims (yes, i am a dork)
anything mario!
loco roco
halo2 (sometimes)
tenchu 1 and 3
gittar hero
and some others

so now if you read this you know a little more about me.



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the truth about me

in this journal im going to write about all the things that people i know dont know about me. in here i will write all the lies that i've told about meself, lies people have told or think about me and lies i tell myself.


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furry but says HAI!!!
i am a zombie girl

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i am a zombie girl

gold gold gold gold
i am a zombie girl

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i am a zombie girl

dun dun dun

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It's quiet. Too quiet.
i am a zombie girl

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i am a zombie girl

i am a zombie girl

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i am a zombie girl

are you doing the v-day event? it's a great way to spread herpes!
i am a zombie girl

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i am a zombie girl

oh, and he hasn't been to space, yet!
i am a zombie girl

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i am a zombie girl

lmao. yes, my dog has been to the outside world and he loves it. As long as there isn't another dog around. And, he eats by himeself, he doesn't need to be feed like that dainty Lola.

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I'm just surprised is all. Is it a mushroom dog like Sam's that has been to the outside world as many times as it's been to space?
i am a zombie girl

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i am a zombie girl

yes, i have a dog, what's it to you?


i love random PMs