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Detective Conan, Odekake Kozame, Dungeon Meshi, Bartender: Kami no Glass, Oblivion Battery, Jiisan Baasan Wakagaeru, Kaijuu 8-gou, The Raven Does not Choose its Master, Sentai Daishikkaku, Tadaima Okaeri, The Fable, Tonari no Youkai-san, Touken Ranbu Kai: Kyoden Moyuru Honnouji, Windbreaker

YES: green, bells, wings, pineapple on pizza, cheese, popcorn, matcha, dango, Yoosung Kim, Rikkaroid

NO: mushy food, hypocrites, having to walk on eggshells, cringey edgelords

Probably the laziest person you can find, and has anxiety irl. Been here since 09, but switched to this account after realizing this one was used more often. Doesn't accept random adds, please at least say hi. Spends time here in CB maybe ghosting people. If I'm not here I'm on Genshin. Usually nocturnal. Attends Anime North. よろしくね〜
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01/29/17 - Met Felix & Elf
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08/24/17 - Jan [Mem] & I reunited
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