From this story one learns that children,
especially young girls,
pretty, well-bred and genteel,
are wrong to listen to just anyone,
and it's not at all strange
if a wolf ends up eating them.
I say a wolf, but not all wolves
are exactly alike.
Some are perfectly charming.
Not loud, brutal or angry,
but tame, pleasant and gentle,
following young ladies into their homes,
into their chambers.
But watch out if you haven't learned
that tame wolves are the most dangerous of all.


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That drawing is quite old, but thank you for the critique anyway (I've done much figure drawing since then)
Lord Argeneau

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Lord Argeneau

Gracefully Expensive Kira

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Gracefully Expensive Kira

I haven't talked to you in ages. >:U
Lord Argeneau

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Lord Argeneau

Lord Argeneau

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Lord Argeneau

I ******** love your status. ♥


monsters are real, and ghosts are real too
they live inside us
and sometimes they win.