Hello, I'm Calum.
I'm an artist living in Scotland. Things I enjoy include: art, food, wine, reading and history.

Comments always welcome, although it may take a while for me to get back to you!

Thanks to the following people for their donations:

Pseudopathogen - 10k
Collizio - 30k, Enchanted Meadows, Accessorized Mauling
WG secret santa - Action Hero!
Dame Des Loups - Picolitrosso's Urn
Anonymous - Green Knight
izuna_13_13 - Dead Man Dancing
Yggdrasil Root - My Little Garden
WG Gift Fairy - Inside Out Boy
Aya Und Wulf - Geronimo High Uniform Loafers
Kayosovthrii - Seven Ravens
Curious Brownies - Haunted Haruspex

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