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Juliet is the name! I took my first breath sixteen years ago on the day of May 14. I dance in the halls of high school and although most people would strive for the popularity I'm pleased to say I'm happy with who I am. Who am I? Didn't I just tell you?! Sheesh nobody listens anymore. Kidding kidding. I'm a silly talkative person who can't seem to know the definition of cool, seriously I'm a dork. But you know what? I'm the awesomest dork you'll ever meet! I eat when I'm bored, read too many books, laugh more than necessary, and play childish games like a lunatic. Which I seem to be half the time. I roleplay in the Gaia community quite a lot which is probably how I met half of the best (dorkish xD) friends in the Gaia Community. I'm not literate like I've seen many, but I'm okay. Fantasy seems to be the main thing that I focus on because I simply adore being able to generate a power from the palm of my character's hand not to mention the way that it makes me feel powerful. (Yes, I'm crazy) Oh oh! But Romance overrules Fantasy by a long stretch because (lucky for all of you) I'm a hopeless romantic, meaning that I love anything romantic or love-related. I swoon at the cheesiest of pick-up lines and giggle at the cutest of guy's words. Been called a flirt numerous times though I don't think they meant it DIRECTLY at me, maybe my shadow. Sarcasm is my second language so get over it if you think I seem harsh because I don't think you realize I'm joking around. Sarcasm is just fun! I like it anyway. Okay okay enough ranting about myself, I feel like a bragger.
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Gaining new friends
Being flirtatious. ;D
Living, laughing, and talking

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Juliet overrules Jo! >=D
Cause she has a stick rock~!
BUT Jo does have a bigger brain that she needs to clean every two seconds.

--Juliet has a wierd language that makes things seem like compliments but are actually insults.
And Johanna can-not spell "weird" but she is still loved (sometimes)
She also has to stop being a grammar Nazi..or else. >>

-- Yeah, I'm a grammar Nazi who can't spell >>
Who said that? o:
-- Me. =]
.X. You guys are retarded. <3

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