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heyy u kno who diz iz. So hers the deal wanna kno my age pm mi bout it, I live in Delaware (i really hate it...its to quite), My home-town where i used to live for my entire live is BROOKLYN NEW YORK!!! lol guys love mi ,love to hand around me and all dat jazz, people say i smell so sweet live vinalla (i really do smell like dat) everybody calles me Marlita,chika,or skittlez, have many friends so dont be hatein cuz i realyy hate haterz, uh wat else...want my # pm me bout it...well datz it lov ya byez


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0re0anna Report | 07/06/2010 9:01 pm
hey long time no see
0re0anna Report | 05/12/2010 3:21 pm
hey i havnt talked to u in foreves member me haha
Ayoo_DiyaBaby01 Report | 03/22/2010 3:33 pm
Ayoo_DiyaBaby01 Report | 03/21/2010 1:58 pm
I dnt noe...
I guess im juss feelin it
LoL :]]
Ayoo_DiyaBaby01 Report | 03/21/2010 1:55 pm
Lol im goin hood today
Ayoo_DiyaBaby01 Report | 03/21/2010 1:53 pm
Hey :]]
Ayoo_DiyaBaby01 Report | 03/20/2010 6:26 am
Ayoo_DiyaBaby01 Report | 03/19/2010 1:26 pm
Ayoo_DiyaBaby01 Report | 03/14/2010 7:32 am
LoL...Dats alot to do
Ayoo_DiyaBaby01 Report | 03/13/2010 3:40 pm wat chu up to instead of juss talkin to me!!

All known Jutsu's:
Mizu no Warbuasobi:
Description: A very simple technique which involves a simple flick of one's hands and a muster of sweat in the fingers. A precise flick comes from of the hands or even a shake can be made as if trying to get something off one's hands. The water streaks from the hand of the user and towards the enemy's eye. This unexpected irritation can blur their vision.

Mizu Kagami no Jutsu:
Description: A simple jutsu that allows the user to turn a quantity of water as small as a drop and as large as a small puddle into a mirrored surface. This can allow the user to see behind himself, and around corners with careful application of the technique.

Uo Tusba:
Description: A simple jet of water shot from the mouth. It can hit with enough force to stun you if it hits properly. It can be done up to 5 times in succession, or one jet can be shot. To give an example of its power, Mist academy students usually use this technique to play a game much like tag.

Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu:
Description: Creates one or multiple identical copies of the original out of water. More similar to Kage Bunshin then a regular Bunshin, water clones are capable of attacking, except each clone is roughly 1/10 the power of the original. The water clone can perform one jutsu that the user also knows once. It must be a water elemental jutsu. One solid hit will destroy the clone.

Mizu Soujuu:
Description: Any Mist Shinobi that uses ninjutsu should likely have this technique. This involves learning basic manipulation of the properties of water. Boiling, freezing, and pressurization of water are included in these studies. Freezing is mostly limited to small amounts of water, and boiling includes the creation of steam by further putting chakra into the water. The user cannot perform these tasks on larger bodies of water with this basic study alone. Furthermore, by learning to draw water from the moisture in the air, the shinobi can use water techniques without requiring a source of water nearby (unless stated otherwise.) A Kage level jutsu always requires a water source, even if the Mist-nin in question creates it first.

Name of Jutsu: Battle meditation
Rank of Jutsu: Chunnin
Range of Jutsu: Users Mind
Jutsu's Element: N/A
Description: This is a genjutsu that the user use's on him/Her Self. The jutsu Puts the user in a sleeping state for one posts and the user if is injured will take his mind off the pain so he may preform as if he was never hurt but this jutsu is dangerous if the user is poiosned the poisons effect will double and possible kill the user and other injuries may becoem worse when the user ingnore it this is an exelent justu to contnue fighting once badly hurt.

Initial Gate (Genin minimum)
Effect: 1/8 Speed and Taijutsu increase.
Description: Releases the brains limit on body muscles to achieve extra strength but does damage to tissue fibers.

He set his foot against the ground, then suddenly spun in a circle, kicking sand up. His foor ended at about stomach level.

Leaf Whirlwind Decription: This is a Genin move.You are able to spin in circles rapidly and you can move.This comes in handy when in battle.

look at my awsome looks

Sassy enough for ya?

listin to ma music since i lov it so much




Mizu Peretto (Water Pellet)
Description: An enhanced Uo Tsuba, instead of a stream, it is a bullet that impacts the enemy at high speed (though with blunt force,) and it is roughly about the size of a fist.

Mizutamari no Jutsu (Water Puddle Technique)
Description: By altering personal body shape, the user can melt into a puddle of water on the ground. This allows the user to hide and set up an ambush, or lose inexperienced trackers.

Suiton: Mizu Shuriken no Jutsu (Water Release: Water Shuriken Technique)
Description: Through the use of water manipulation, the user can create multiple small shuriken comprised of water and launch them towards the target. After hitting and/or cutting a solid surface, they revert to water. It is important to note that these shuriken can be physically launched (by hand) or launched as they are created.

Mizu Tate no Jutsu (Water Shield Technique)
Description: A shield of water is formed around the user as a cylindrical barrier that reaches just above the user's head. After the initial creation that user can manipulate the water, allowing for water spikes, tentacles, hands and the like, though these appendages are not dexterous enough to handle a weapon. The bad thing is that the shield isn't that reliable against ninjutsu. However, an opponent who is strong enough can break through the shield.

Suiton: Abura Bushin no Jutsu (Water Release: Oil Clone Technique)
Description: Oil Clone Technique is a variation of the Genjutsu; Mist Servant Technique. It creates a whole bunch of clones, which won't disappear like normal illution clones when they're hit. The hit will only go right through them. The only known way to defeat them is to send a fire justu at them.