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Flammable Rainbowz... this girl right here has helped me through so much. I'm not sure if she knows it. I'm not sure if she's reading this but THANK YOU. SO MUCH. You are a true friend. We should talk more. I miss you. c':

motoko920.. she's really cute and a really good artist. But other than that, she's a really good friend. She's also from England, which means she prolly has a shexy accent. And her name is really unique, it's cool. She's always making me turn red though.

Dinsty.. I love this white kid. He's such a huge troll. I enjoy skyping and playing xbox with him. "******** yeah, amuurrriiccaa" lol.

Sundaemafia.. I love her. A LOT. I love her so much that I married her the first day I met her, right after I asked her to make me a sammich. She said yes to my sammich and I fell in love. Here's the picture of our wedding that first day. I'm the shexy one in the mustache. Oh bby.

Grand Highblood.. honestly, he's a really good friend. I've known him for a while. But just recently I've been talking to him. He has a sick minecraft world too. Hah. Support his youtube channel here.

All Day Every Night.. although we never really played a game on xbox together yet, he's my xbox buddy.