Name: Riku
Sex: Male
Age: 15-16
Birthplace: Destiny Islands
Height: ?'??"
Hair Color: Silver
Eye Color: Emerald (sometimes Turquoise, sometimes Green)
Occupation: Wielder of darkness, the original keyblade master
Weapon(s): Keyblade

Riku may seem cool and collected for his age, but he is far from the quiet type. Always curious about the unknown, he begins to question the small, closed world in which he lived. Riku dreamt of seeing other worlds and so he forsook the islands, only to be seduced by the power of darkness. He has a strong need to belong, which makes him vulnerable. He's afraid that if the people he loves don't need him anymore, they'll eventually drift away. Riku will do whatever it takes to prevent that from happening, even if it means having to control them. Feelings like jealousy and rage get in the way of his good judgment, but also help him and his power. He has changed his ways though after Ansem said he would drown in a world of darkness. Riku took control of his life and stopped him for a while. Now he finds help and moral support from Mickey. He is Sora's best friend and greatest rival; both push each other to their limits. In Kingdom Hearts II, Riku, with DiZ, helps Sora regain his true memories. After Sora awakens, Riku travels the worlds, investigating the Organization XIII.

Limit Breaks/Sleights/Abilities:

-Sleights (CoM)-

*Dark Break : [Three Soul Eaters; Total Value 5-15] -- Leap into the air and attack enemies from above. Only available in Dark Mode.
*Dark Firaga : [Three Soul Eaters; Total Value 16-25] -- Expel dark energy in a searing blast. Only available in Dark Mode.
*Dark Aura : [Three Soul Eaters; Total Value 27] -- Rush enemies repeatedly with blade in hand.

-Action (KH2)-

*Dark Aura : [Cost: 2AP] -- After Sora does a finisher move, selecting Triangle at the right time will cause Riku to shoot multiple dark energy balls at opponents. 10MP cost.
*Dark Shield : [Cost: 2AP] -- When Sora is attacked, pressing Triangle at the right time will cause Riku to put up an energy shield to block attacks. 10MP cost.
*Cure Potion : [Cost: 3AP] -- Riku heals ally to max HP. 99MP cost.
*Eternal Session : [Cost: 3AP] -- Sora and Riku can use Limit move, "Session".

-Support (KH2)-

*Item Boost : [Cost: 2AP] -- Items used on the field have greater effect.
*MP Hastega : [Cost: 5AP] -- MP recovers at an extremely fast rate.
*Defender : [Cost: 3AP] -- When in critical health, DEF is increased.
*Second Chance : [Cost: 4AP] -- HP stays at 1 HP after an attack that would normally KO Riku.
*Once More : [Cost: 4AP] -- HP stays at 1 HP during a combo that would normally KO Riku.
*Auto Limit : [Cost: 1AP] -- By pressing Triangle, Sora and Riku can use their Limit move.
*Hyper Healing : [Cost: 3AP] -- Riku quickly revives from KO with more HP.

Weapons List:
*Soul Eater -- Reacts to dark power. Riku's strength is higher when he wields darkness n battle.
*Dark Keyblade -- An artificial keyblade.
*Oblivion -- (Used in a battle with Roxas.)
*Way to the Dawn (Road to Dawn) : [Strength: 3; Magic: 0] -- Deals various attacks.

Items/Slots (KH2):
*Weapons : 1 Slot
*Armor : 2 Slots
*Accessories : 1 Slot
*Items : 6 Slots

*Kingdom Hearts
*Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix
*Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
*Kingdom Hearts II
*Kingdom Hearts: Re:Chain of Memories
*Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix

Voice Actor(s):

Japanese Seiyuu: Mamoru Miyano
English Dubbed (US): David Gallagher

01. "Is that all you got?" [KH2]
02. "I used all the power you had to give and still lost to Sora. I'm not impressed." [CoM]
03. "Prepare to lose it all!" [KH2]
04. "Time's up!" [KH2]
05. "Wrong. The truth is... You just really stink." [CoM]
06. "I wished I could live life the way you do. Just following my heart." [KH2]
07. "Take care of Kairi, will you?" [KH Manga]
08. "I'll take 'em." [KH2]
09. "I'll enter those worlds. And in the end, if I haven't given up... I win." [CoM]
10. "Once we go through, there's no turning back. It's victory...or oblivion. So, Sora...are you ready?" [KH2]
11."Do you remember before? We stood facing each other on opposite sides of that door. Now we stand side-by-side. Let's go home together this time." [KH2]
12. "If the world is made of light and darkness... We'll be the darkness." [KH2]
13. "I'll make that darkness show me the way." [CoM]
14. "I never thought I'd miss the island winds so much... Funny, there was a time I couldn't wait to get off this rock. And now I'm acting all relieved." [CoM]
15. "If two people share one, their destinies become intertwined. They'll remain a part of each other's lives no matter what. C'mon, I know you want to try it." [KH]
16. "If there are any other worlds out there, why did we end up on this one? And suppose there are other worlds...then ours is just a little piece of something much greater. So we could have just as easily ended up somewhere else, right?" [KH]
17. "How'm I gonna face everyone?" [KH2]
18. "Have you forgotten? I'll tell you why. 'Cause I'm not a total sap like you." [KH2]
19. "Giving up already?" [KH]
20. "You still don't got it." [KH]
21. "No... Not yet..." [KH]
22. "You were just the delivery boy." [KH]
23. "Don't worry. You're all still you." [KH2]



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