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Of Velvet Smiles Report | 04/15/2013 8:00 pm
Of Velvet Smiles
Aww, really~? xD Hehe, I guess it's the little sibling's job to be annoying... I know since I have two older sisters so I'm the youngest in my family. I annoy them all the time, but I know they love me deeeeep down! I think... ; w; But it was great hearing from you again, Rikku! > w< <3 I actually might not be able to sign on as often as I used to, but hopefully I'll be able to chat with you again once I get back! Miss you! <3
Of Velvet Smiles Report | 03/25/2013 10:02 pm
Of Velvet Smiles
Haha, aww! ; u;
You sound like a good older brother~ xD I... I think~
I hope to chat with you soon too! And it's great to see you around again! ^_^ -Glomp- Take care, Rikku!
Of Velvet Smiles Report | 03/14/2013 2:27 pm
Of Velvet Smiles
Aww! ; u; -Glomp- That's reassuring to hear... thanks Rikku!
And yaaay, I'm happy to hear that everything's fine for you! 8D Haha, I missed you, by the way... you're hardly on anymore. T uT
But I hope to chat with you again soon! <3 Take care!
Of Velvet Smiles Report | 03/10/2013 4:29 pm
Of Velvet Smiles
RIKKUUU! -GLOMP- Hahaha, aww...! xD Thanks for the late "Happy Valentines Day" message~ It made me smile no matter how late it was. <333 You have nothing to be sorry for! I'm just so glad you even bothered to reply and that you didn't forget about me! ^_^ -Glomp-
I missed you, by the way~~ I hope everything's fine for you, though! c:
KimmyButt Report | 06/01/2012 5:17 pm
Hey~ :'3 Of course i remember you~ whee How are you?
Of Velvet Smiles Report | 05/05/2012 3:01 pm
Of Velvet Smiles
YEAH, HE'S AWESOME THAT WAY! > w< And I think they're the same voice actors, from what I heard...
It's actually my current favorite anime right now~ They made two seasons and a movie! My avi is a cosplay of someone from it. 8D Just... minus the cat ears...
Haha, good luck with your work, Rikku! -Hug-
Of Velvet Smiles Report | 05/03/2012 6:06 am
Of Velvet Smiles
Distracted with pointless things... haha! Aww... but you're not the only one...! ; 3; I know how you feel... most of my friends disappeared on me. And... I'm sorry to hear that, Rikku...! But you can still keep in touch with them, right? c: Aside from that, I'm still here! -Glomp- I'll never leave you~

Oh, my background is a guy named Date Masamune from Sengoku Basara, which was originally a game that became an anime! > w< He actually uses six katanas... and he is so amazingly awesome!! <33 -SQUEALS- Also, the guy who does his Japanese voice also does Zorro's voice too! ...I think. xD
Of Velvet Smiles Report | 04/29/2012 2:57 pm
Of Velvet Smiles
RIKKU! -Hug- I'm not ignoring you...! ; w; I'm actually distracted half of the time when I'm online, so I sign on and off a lot... I'm sorry!

Oh, and in response to your other comment... I haven't been doing much~ I've mostly just been roleplaying and stuff. x3
Haha, but how have you been, hmm~?
Are you back for good this time? 8D
Rikku_is_awesome100 Report | 04/28/2012 6:47 pm
Will delete every comment due to....Ummm a reason which I do not know yet eek a little refresh to my profile whee

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