It has been in the making, but I thought to rewrite what the world thinks of me. My name is Rigor V. (though to some I am simply Corey. But that is only to my great friends.) I write, there for I am. My poems are my life's work. I put my energy into them and do not expect anything less than perfection of myself. I should. I know I have the skills to be perfect. I am also your best friend. I do not judge those who seek a caring ear. I will not turn away the weak of heart and tearful eye. You need an ear? I will be your ear. They were made to listen. Therefore, they shall. Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free. And I will release them. I simply ask for one thing in return, never lie to me. I will not respect, nor will I tolerate those who choose to do so. Read the last voyage of Gulliver. The mighty horses were shocked at the fact that man might lie. They thought that speaking ( a gift to intelligent beings) was given to inform and communicate thoughts. Why then, would you tell what is not so?

My GREATEST allies in the pursuit of a better tomorrow:

Alexandria: Your ability to tell the world through your words is inspiring. You have in your hands a powerful weapon. That weapon, is a beautiful mind. You are blessed as a person. I am blessed, alas, to be your friend. Thank you for reading my work. It is people like you, that make me wish to write. Make me wish....to make my work. Look to the stars.....

Vampyre: Your ears are your greatest weapon against the foe that is my woe. Your caring words and constant encouragement....give me courage to move forward. I do so, at the command of bravery. You carry with you, kindness. Never lose that light. The world would be such a dark place......

Tylers Angle??: Your innocence is what amazes me about you. In a way, I see it in me....but not only that, I see it in the world. It is like you are the child that, through your heart and simple approach to the world, the world would do good to learn from. I am glad you have your love. Hang on to it. You will see that it is the hardest thing in this world to keep. But if anyone can....then you can.

Note to self: Keep trying. Never quit. Seek the light. Embrace the light. Know your enemy. Vanquish him in the name of self-improvement. Never give words in the form of hate. Losing a friend is the first step to losing one's self.

I will remember.


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In darkness we fall.....

I wrote this a few weeks ago!!!

I am a poet! I love to write poems.....mostly about vampires and anime so if you don't like either.....tough!!



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I wish, you would get on!!!
I miss you so much Cor! crying
Hope to hear from you, or have u on here one day again.
Love u

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hi corey! good to see you updated in here! ive missed this place smile

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happy late birthday...srry...about the lateness

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still didnt find that cd :/ lol

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haha hey its Macie : ) i suck at finding people
so it awesome i found someone lol

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lol Yeah I've been pretty busy too, so no worries. It's kind of sad really, I haven't been able to do much of anything lately XD
Except I did go to see a movie with my favorite people ever. While I had pig ears on. =] That was interesting.

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Why is it that we never talk anymore? =(
eternal crimson nite

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eternal crimson nite

Hahaha, sounds better than what I have been doing!
eternal crimson nite

Report | 03/13/2009 3:36 pm

eternal crimson nite

Damn. It's been forever since I've been on this site! lol. So how are you?


I will believe in you
no matter what you do
I am not going to judge
and do not be confused with their sludge
together we stand
divided we fall
apart we are weak as grains of sand
united we are a tree and we stand tall