if Justin Beiber was on the edge of a six story building 70% of teenagers would be crying.
27% percent would be laughing.
3% would waste their energy running up six stories of stairs to push him off.
Put this in your profile if you are part of that 3%
I'd use the elevator though

another cheetwo tribute

Phycho teddy

scourge tribute



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My stalkerz lol


Written in the stars

A million miles away

A message to the maid

Seasons comes and go

But I will never change

And I'm on my way . . .


I can walk on water i can fly

sexy naughty bitchy me

cheetwo tribute

techno remix of like 5 songs

Meh randomness

Hey I'm Ashe I'm almost 15. I crazy, insane, and probably one of the most randomness people you will ever know. I'm in grade 10. My fav colours are Purple, Brown, Blue, Green and Orange. My fav shade is black. I'm usually in a good mood. My fav animal is a leopard. My BFF's are Sophie and Sarah. My Besties Buddies are Claire and Tori. My Cuz is Brittany. Oh and I'm obsessed with Ulquiorra from Bleach even though my Fav character is now Izuru. My fav video games are Halo 3, Left $ Dead & Final Fantasy X & X-2. My fav movies are Final Fantasy VII
& Resident Evil Degeneration & Spirited Away. Fav animes are Devil May Cry & Kannazuki No Miko. Fav mangas are Bleach, Di Gi Charat & Deathnote. I have 2 cats. I Epicly FAIL @ skate boarding. I love anything Skulled, exspecially my skulled bag, but I also have skulled pj pants & a skulled bra. No I'm not emo. I write dark poetry.My song is Anything but ordinary. I own too many stuffed animals. My bedroom's walls are covered with posters. I have blonde hair & gray eyes. I LOVE chocolate. I'm single & bi, but picky when it comes to dating. I own a awesome dragon bandana. My B-day is November 20. I love to say RAWR & give people ~hugs~ lots. I love to talk & never shut up' as you can tell. Oh & if you want call me kiwi, because I'm obsessed with kiwi & my hair always has the faint scent of a kiwi. Don't even ask for pics of me the answer is NO. I'm planning world domination if you want to help just ask. I donate sometimes but not much so don't ask. I'm British, Russian & Irish. I'm female. & you may or may not believe this but I have connections to the Russian Mafia. I'm Canadian, just letting you all know. I have never let the country which sucks. I HATE Justin Beiber. I tend to talk to myself a lot. I have a 17 month old little Brother. I'm a walking disaster & trip on everything even if its not there. I'm a book worm 9 times out of ten my nose is in a book. Join my guild RAWR IMMA DINO please. I like to roleplay & cosplay though I'm not the best at it.

That is that I hope.

yay pll talk to me

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Nobody of Twilight Report | 05/10/2011 8:22 pm
Nobody of Twilight
Happy Birthday
justindeer_1 Report | 05/10/2011 1:35 pm
hey happy birthday...i hope you have a great day mrgreen
justindeer_1 Report | 04/09/2011 1:25 pm
Hello how are you doing?
popple148 Report | 01/27/2011 9:27 am
thx for purchasing the gold fish wink
Sugary_Swweet Report | 01/20/2011 2:23 pm
yeah me toooo Dx
Mephisto Serigala Report | 01/12/2011 5:26 pm
Mephisto Serigala
( Sorry for being late)

Being 15 was really hard for me. It's like a period of your life where you really feel your innocence slip away.
15 and 18 is about the time life is hard.
Each year is like a BIG difference from the last. It's a time when you finally figure out who you are and what kind of person your going to be. Being a kid was much more simple because you were what you are.
DarknessIsMyPioson Report | 01/11/2011 8:24 am
Bleh you fail
Sugary_Swweet Report | 01/07/2011 8:07 pm
hey!whats up?
Firelord333 Report | 01/06/2011 12:20 pm
yes i am >.>
Firelord333 Report | 12/31/2010 2:21 pm
ik i am emo tho >.> but some part of emo is hurting ur self >.> i said some part not alot i dosnt have to be tho

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