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User ImageMy name is Micah.
& I'm 12 going on 13 on August 12. 7th grader attending budlong in chicago, illinois<3. Chi-town is where i representt. I am single and straight and crushing on someone ;D I am Filipino. Standing 4'8 and still growing I think... I shrunk. I am a weird exotic little girl D:< OHYES. I love to TEASE my hair D: I am pretty shy most of the time. Well, when we first meet each other, hell yeah I am, but once you get to know me more, I'm not. TALK TO ME A LOT. I like to meet a lot of people. I meet at least 1 new person each day ;D Awesome huh ? I have a few best friends, some good friends and a lot of friends. One thing I hate the MOST are goths X3. OH YEAH; only emos. [bold]alex evansx3[/bold]. also flies that go into my house . The cousins house is where I go like all the time D: I like to hang with my friends at there house?. Am i weird? lol. I am the youngest from me and my bro. Damn.. I am irresponsible at times and I procrastinate a lot. I am naive at times, but I have my smart moments ;D I have been really busy lately cuhz of stupiid homework D: so yeah.... I AM LEARNING ALGEBRA already. IN 7th gRADE?!;D ! Hola. I love monokuro boo ever since I was like 3 years old ? I am in love with alex evans. Hes made my world change to be a photographer. The black guy on youtube that had a fly in his mouth is the best video I have ever seen. I am a poofy MADDtastic little kid.D I go on myspace & Gaia a lot. Okay, that's it. BYE.

aim; SanrioLov

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"When did your heart go missin` ?" -Rooney.




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Zomg Sharpies

Report | 10/17/2008 7:45 pm

Zomg Sharpies

change your nameee?

ah, you contact buttons don't work

did you delete your avi too, and make a new one?