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Report | 12/08/2018 2:26 pm


Happy Birthday Shii-chan~~~~~

Report | 05/06/2018 7:31 pm


ummm like woooooow, a reply 3 years laterrrrr!?? you craycray dudeee..
glad to hear you're doing well and not like....ded or something lol.
you should check out miraculous ladybug! its finally in its second season, and its been english dubbed too! c;
Exalt Lucina

Report | 07/19/2016 9:42 pm

Exalt Lucina

All the doggies. <3
-Ches Mate-

Report | 12/18/2015 9:38 am

-Ches Mate-

Your signature is right it's been while >D

I miss you shii. How's college did you finish med school?

Are you still trying to do OT, or nursing I forgot.

I finished college and got engrossed in life, I am back on for the break.

I was always thinking about you but no skype log ins so I was like oh she must be not on the net anymore but I am so glad I got on today.

We always seem to always have the best timing when it comes to Gaia. You came ON right when I am on heart heart :heart
: heart

Report | 12/08/2015 5:42 pm


Happy Birthday Shii emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart
hope things are going well!

Report | 12/02/2015 9:05 pm


I am taking Math and Geology!
Geo is a lot of fun. It's a really great class. ; w ;
And work is well! I am making good money. ; w ;
outlaw trinidy

Report | 12/02/2015 8:33 pm

outlaw trinidy

: D Yush!
yes ;D moniessssssss and items and rigs and fun stuff. But i meant once your kin gets to a high enough level you can KICK bootie. as in defeat some of the mini bosses/bosses and higher level kin. etc.
i am snuggled up in a tardis blanket xD
they call it classic who. See, the "season one" was a starter to bring the show back. It had been off the air after the 90's mini movie. The show had been out since 63. they just celebrated the 50 year anniversary.
Ya Dc tends to have a more masculine driven mentality, while marvel changes with the times. Marvel was the first to add a deaf superhero. The first to have a gay couple on their cover. They don't have their female leads defenceless and always in danger. Etc.
haha well it depends on who is directing the movies. The shows have been lucky with having a great crew. the movies, they usually have good crew, if they are lucky. If not, ..... ..... we get things like the fantastic four .... >.>
I want to slap him -_-
I am excited to catch up. I am on a lot of geek sites, so I usually get spoilers already XD sadly and good at the same time
The show is great, imo. but some of the side chars are ... fail. But, personally I like what I have seen so far. And ya, the actor is a really great guy
and, at first I was like <.< ehh towards the show but my brother told me to watch the first season. I did and I fell in love. It is not as awesome as some other shows. And I really like the show Grimm, but am way behind on that
ya the episodes were pretty darn good
but it was left at a HORRIBLE CLIFFHANGER jdkhnfnghfngf AHHH D<
sadly, sleepy hallow and grimm are not on netflix
HAHA same thing happened to me. Well, I was gifted the netflix for 2 months. XD I never looked back

Report | 12/02/2015 9:16 am


Eheh, it's okay! My reply is even later. I've been so busy with work and school!
It's killing' me!!!
outlaw trinidy

Report | 12/01/2015 9:32 pm

outlaw trinidy

Hope it helps!!
Well, the point of the game is to lvl your kin. subscribe here. It shows up the lvl up rewards for every kin, and your lvl up rewards, I think. Also, every battle gets you cool stuff depending on where you are biggrin
ya, it is like pokemon. Once your kin is the right lvl it will gain attacks, and you can kick mega bootie

Hehe I just love doctor who so much
I randomly marathon the show <.< I own some of the seasons
haha look at some of the classic episodes. They have some on netflix. Cheesy goodness of love <3

AH! O.O i have not yet seen the Jessie show <.< have it bookmarked though
haha superheros are the best
Hmm I really am not a fan of DC, mostly because I dislike their comics. Marvel is more... liberal I guess I want to say. And I hate.... HATE superman. >.> just.. hate him.
But, I kinda like arrow. The main actor is really a sweetheart in rl, or so he portrayed to be. Randomly posts pictures with his little daughter on his days off. And is always supporting causes. Etc.
Was tempted to watch gotham. I am not a huge batman fan, but I love the villains XD only reason i watch anything batman related.

have not seen izombie, I ... ... am picky about zombies. I am picky about vampires too ^^;

Well I watch anime in lumps. Last show i watched was the latest digimon "movie" the 4 episodes they released.

Personally I LOVE sleepy hollow, only saw the first season though
gonna try watching the next soon.

XD It is cheaper than buying it on dvd ^^
outlaw trinidy

Report | 11/30/2015 4:57 pm

outlaw trinidy

try the lite version
I am not too good at switchem XD

I love doctor who!
XD ya it is british humor, and sci fi shows often have a bit of tacky stuff hidden within xD
Hmmm i am on season 8 of the newer series, and I watched most of the classic ^^
Let's see, i watch all the Marvel shows/movies. And I watch a lot of anime. I watch the walking dead, but am not caught up on that. not caught up on sleepy hollow, or hannibal.. I usually wait till a show is on netflix then stream the whole season xD


[center:2b3fbcae47] wow....it's been a while gaia.... o.o"
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