Every time I go to fill these things out, I am always at a loss as to what to write. I am a contradiction of everything. I am smart, yet stupid, kind and cruel, sweet and bitter, strong and weak... everything and yet, nothing all at once. If you want to know more about me then perhaps it is better to ask.


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What Do I Do All Day?


Rantings about how I manage to survive being completely useless!


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Keep on keeping on!
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Well i have pros and cons for every season we got

for summer i like the warmth, don't need to bundle up, easy to drive around, cons is that sometimes it can get too hot.. and caterpillars cat_gonk

for fall i like how beautiful everything looks, its weird to say everything around you is "dying" and yet it looks so beautiful, the fact that fall means holidays is just around the corner, cons would be it's getting pretty chilly out and sun sets earlier now and rises later..

for winter.. hmmm pros would be how pretty snow looks on the trees especially the morning after it had just snowed, the ice skating too (although im really bad at it), cons would obviously be the cold.. and how much it sucks to drive

for spring.. well the fact that i know summer is coming, daylight is starting to get longer, not as cold anymore, other than that.. i kinda hate it cuz of the mud and how dirty is it out from the mud (especially my car lol)

do you have season preference?

my bf's grandparents live quite far from us actually, about an hr or so, no more than 2 hrs tho, they prefer to live on an acreage than be in the city,

if we were to move it'd prolly be fine as long as we'll visit his family on holidays, mine too of course

and idk if well ever end up moving with them, my bf and i are already barely home as it is due to our jobs, especially for him since he's always out of town 10days at a time,

I've never heard of tirnanog, i assume its the one that shows up when i google the word..?

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OMG.. tbh if that was to happen to me I'd prolly be in a worse condition, but i'm guessing that's cuz im pretty tiny and skinny lol

either way, 36kg is pretty f***ng heavy for a normal size person to have dropped on especially from that high.. cat_gonk cat_gonk cat_gonk

In Vancouver, BC.. idk tho not even with the school included, living expense in that city is really really high rn

same goes for Toronto..

I've never heard of Astoria before, had to google it lol, although it sounds like out of a fairytale story lol

.. I wish moving to those countries was that easy,

like rn moving away from my city is not the best option,

my bf's grandparents are getting old and well i get it that he wants to be closer to them during this time,

plus it'd be really hard to have to adjust in moving from one country to another cat_eek

well.. i am guessing

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cat_gonk that sucks..

was it a pretty major injury..?

I've always wanted to be an architect, but it's pretty expensive and the university in my city doesn't have it, like i would either have to start taking some classes here but i would have to contact the uni with architecture course to see what class credits would transfer over if i were to take a class elsewhere, that or move to another city (either Toronto or Vancouver), but both places are VERY expensive to live in.
other than wanting to be an architect i would also looove to be a professional artist cat_3nodding

rn im still in so much debts and bills so first things first, to get out of this mess first before i plan on anything school related. its so hard being an adult man cat_crying

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no cat_gonk but i have always wanted to go there

especially after i played AC 2

its like tbh if i were to choose between Italy or Japan, it would just break my heart to have to just pick one.

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funny you asked, cuz my first answer whenever someone asks me that would be Japan lol,

Italy will always be on my list too though,

i am assuming you'd love to go to Japan too...?

i mean from what my dad has told me it is a very beautiful country so id be surprise if ur answer is no cat_rofl

and thats honestly pretty cool, pretty sure you are allowed to move there if you are part Japanese.

well there's lengthy paper works and what not but my relatives were able to go there because the were partly Japanese

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My dad worked in Japan for a few years, also have a few japanese friends and some relatives that live there.
I have tried to learn nihongo in the past but im always too busy now and havent done it in awhile,
definitely gunna need to start learning again for when i go there to visit though.
so have you ever been to Japan..?

emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart

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Rakashael が にほんご です?ともだち に なって くれます か?

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cool avi


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